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A unit of the University System of Georgia

Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Priorities

  1. Access with Excellence
    Gordon State College will serve the educational needs of the region and the state by maintaining its mission as an access institution, while expanding to offer wider access to baccalaureate programs and assuring excellence in its offerings and service to its constituents. By maintaining access while expanding programs, Gordon State College will open the doors to a college education to a wider audience, resulting in a more educated Georgia.
  2. A Diverse Academic Environment
    Gordon State College will advance the academic work of the College and the resources that support it. The synthesis of the intellectual, cultural and material resources of the campus community will support the development of effective habits of mind for all participants. The College will support the physical, technological and pedagogical resources needed to achieve this goal. This focuses resources and energies on the core educational mission of the College, and promotes the ongoing development of all of the College's stakeholders through strategic allocation of resources.
  3. Retention, Progression, and Graduation
    Gordon State College will increase retention (the number of students that are retained from one year to the next), graduates (the number of students who graduate from two-year and four-year programs), and the number of students who progress from Gordon State College to the next appropriate step (such as transfer to another college). By accomplishing these goals, the College will contribute to a more educated population, prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.
  4. Community Partnerships and Engagement
    Gordon State College will support and enhance pathways for the exchange of knowledge and other resources with the community, including local, regional, state, and national entities. These community partnerships will strengthen both the College and the community by increasing the resources available to each, and build a mutual respect for the benefits each brings to the partnership.
  5. Efficiency, Accountability, and Sustainability
    Gordon State College is committed to providing a welcoming atmosphere that attracts a diverse community and engages through academics and culture. In a dynamic economic atmosphere, Gordon State College must constantly strive to improve operational efficiencies, ensure a commitment to performance and accountability, and advance our financial and resource sustainability, in order to achieve these goals.