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Welcome back, Gordon alumni!

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When you were a student at Gordon State College, you became part of our close-knit community. As an alumnus, you may not be on campus, but you're still a valuable part of our community.

That's why we're expanding our alumni program with new opportunities to keep you connected.

Most exciting is our annual Alumni Weekend. This weekend of barbecues, ballgames, dinners and other activities will give you a chance to reunite with old friends and make some new ones.

But don't wait for the next Alumni Weekend to reconnect with Gordon State College. You're always welcome on campus, and there are plenty of reasons to come back.

You can enjoy a play, a musical performance or an art exhibit. Cheer on our Highlanders sports teams. Take a class through our community education program. There are lots of ways for alumni to get involved.

Even if you can't get back to campus, please write to let us know what you're doing these days. We'll share your story with your fellow alumni in the next President's Report magazine. (Not getting the magazine? Send us your current address to be added to our mailing list.)

Our alumni - more than 13,000 strong - mean the world to us. You are our advocates and ambassadors, our loyal supporters and our lifelong friends. Most of all, you are living proof of how a Gordon State College education sets people onto a path to success.

Thank you, Gordon State College alumni. You make us proud!