USG Report Acknowledged Gordon State College’s Beneficial Economic Impact to the State

On Tuesday, Aug. 8, the University System of Georgia (USG) released a report that listed Gordon State College as having contributed more than $120 million to the regional economy and provided 990 jobs in fiscal year (FY) 2022.

GSC enrolled more than 3,100 students in FY22. Due to the strategic initiatives embarked upon at Highlander Nation, GSC created 274 on-campus jobs and 716 off-campus jobs.

“Gordon State College has strategically invested in the success of our Highlanders by advancing them toward graduation and ultimately leading to their thriving futures. We understand the significant impact our graduates and education partners have on our community and surrounding counties,” said GSC Interim President Donald J. Green. “Both are an invaluable driver of the economy, and their talents will benefit our local region.”

USG generated 159,034 full-and part-time jobs across Georgia. Of the 159,034 jobs generated, 32% were on campus while the remaining 68% of those jobs were located within the institutions’ local communities. The report’s data showed USG and its institutions “create the same employment impact in the state as Georgia’s top five employers combined” which includes Robins Air Force Base and Emory Healthcare.

The report showed that the USG played a critical role in the state’s recovery and recorded a statewide economic impact of $20.1 billion for FY22, a 4.14% increase over FY21. Of the $20.1 billion economic impact, $14.2 billion came from initial spending by students and by USG’s 26 institutions on personnel and operating expenses. The remaining $5.9 billion is the multiplier impact of those funds in a local community.

Specifically at GSC, initial spending was valued at $78,388,150 but created an output impact of $120,631,716. The USG also reported in its findings that the value-added impact of GSC was an astonishing $80,712,845.

USG Chancellor Sonny Perdue commented on the report that USG’s graduates are at the heart of making a significant economic impact across Georgia.

“USG’s 26 public colleges and universities, individually and collectively, make a significant economic impact across the state, helping to put Georgians to work while spending money in local communities and helping their regional economies support Georgia’s growth,” Perdue said. “At the same time, our graduates are the real winners with this million-dollar deal. We’re focused on continuing to help all our students be successful as they use their degrees to prepare themselves for their future prosperity.”

The annual report is conducted on behalf of USG by Jeffrey M. Humphreys, Ph.D., director of the Selig Center for Economic Growth in the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. In addition, a companion report titled, “Lifetime Earnings for the University System of Georgia Class of 2022,” was produced by the Selig Center and provided estimates of the increased earnings over a working lifetime associated with USG degrees.

The analysis, based on work-life earnings estimates for Georgia, showed that the 71,731 USG graduates from the Class of 2022 can expect combined total lifetime earnings of $183 billion. GSC graduated nearly 500 students in 2022 who will benefit from this increased earning potential.