Gordon State Emphasizes EDGE in Student Leadership Academy

Gordon State College welcomed 30 standouts for the second cohort of the institution’s Student Leadership Academy Friday. Students in leadership positions from across campus were invited by faculty and staff members to attend the four-hour session. The SLA will continue to abide by health and safety precautions with four additional sessions throughout fall semester and conclude with a service project.

Eight graduates from last year’s inaugural program returned to serve as SLA mentors.  As part of Gordon State’s five-year strategic plan, Building the Power of WE!, the Student Leadership Academy embodies each of the plan’s strategic imperatives as the program builds a collaborative campus culture, promotes student excellence throughout the academic journey and strengthens community engagements and partnerships.

In his address during the group’s opening session, President Kirk A. Nooks said the college strives to provide an educational experience that is specifically designed for their success and believes that Gordon can create an educational atmosphere in which faculty and staff can partner to grow a vibrant college where rewards come in diverse ways.

Life-long learning that empowers and promotes personal growth resulting in ethical and honest critical inquiry with a global perspective is the foundation of the program. From the first class to graduation, Gordon prepares students for success and instills four key attributes—the Highlander EDGE: Engaged Innovators, Dedicated Scholars, Gifted Communicators, and Ethical Leaders.

The first session focused on setting the groundwork for the experience and discussed the E for Engaged Innovators. Future sessions will include a leadership panel of community education and business leaders who will invest their time and expertise into the group.

Dean of Students Matthew Robison said the SLA helps emerging leaders. “I look forward to the fall semester taking this leadership journey with each SLA participant,” Robison said. “Gordon State College is fortunate to have such talented leaders as part of the Highlander Family.”