COVID-19 FAQs for GSC Faculty, Staff, Students and Community

August 28, 2020 Update

Q: Is Gordon State College taking any additional sanitation measures to mitigate the effects of COVID-19?

Our Facilities Team at GSC has received training from the University System of Georgia and the Georgia National Guard on the most up-to-date methods. Solutions and products (e.g., Virex, bleach, etc.) that meet the CDC guidelines will be used on campus to keep areas cleaned and/or sanitized on a routine basis. Each building will be cleaned and disinfected (i.e., common spaces, restrooms) minimally on a daily basis. The college has also contracted a cleaning company to provide additional support and services.

Q: What do I do if my friend/roommate or someone near me is exhibiting symptoms of illness near me?

If someone near you is exhibiting signs of an illness, please keep your face covering on and maintain social distance.  To report any COVID-related incident or concern, email the Student Health Center at and provide as much information as possible about the incident.

Q: When is a nurse available at the Student Health Center?

The Student Health Center is open Monday to Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. staffed by Nurse Alice Turner along with two RN to BSN students serving GSC as part of their clinical rotation.

Q: What are the requirements for internships/clinicals/other experiential requirements? 

Each off-campus learning location will be expected to provide safety protocols equal to, or more stringent than, those at Gordon State College. Each partner will sign agency agreements with the college, and no student will be placed at a site unless the safety of our students is assured.

Similarly, hospital clinical settings and school systems are expected to have these same protocols in place to protect our students.

Our School of Nursing, Health and Natural Sciences will work with the Georgia Board of Nursing (GBON), via the University System of Georgia, to develop additional and evolving protocols.

Our School of Education, Mathematics and Applied Sciences will work with the Georgia Professional Standard Commission (GaPSC) via the University System of Georgia, to develop additional and evolving protocols.

For off-campus learning settings (e.g., hospitals, elementary schools, internship sites …) it is expected that students will wear masks, and that the individual sites have their own social distancing and protection guidelines in place. Depending on the need for additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the college will provide a specified amount and level for our students.

August 3, 2020 Update 

Q: Is the Gordon State College campus open?

As of August 3, 2020, the Gordon State College campus is open and abiding by system, state, and national guidelines for health and safety precautions.  Classes for Fall Semester 2020 will start August 12 with options for in-person, hybrid and online class selections.

Effective July 15, 2020, University System of Georgia (USG) institutions, including Gordon State College, will require all faculty, staff, students, and visitors to wear an appropriate face covering when possible. Face covering use will be in addition to and is not a substitute for social distancing. Face coverings are not required in one’s own dorm room or suite, when alone in an enclosed office or study room, or in campus outdoor settings where social distancing requirements are met. Anyone not using a face covering when required will be asked to wear one or must leave the area.


Academic Appointments:

During fall semester of 2020, there will be no “walk-in” advising; all advising will be virtually, by appointment only.  In order for students to make an appointment with their advisor, they must know who their advisor is.  To locate their advisor, students should go to the Gordon website, then to Banner web, then to Degree Works.  In the box entitled, “Gordon State College Degree Works,” the advisor name is listed.  Students can click on their advisor name to email them for an appointment, or to see the advisor’s telephone number to call for an appointment.

Similarly, all tutoring this fall will be conducted virtually.  Students will have two options:  Net Tutoring (which includes all subjects, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), and Peer Tutoring.  Both types are accessible through Brightspace Desire to Learn; for Peer Tutors, students can see the subjects for each tutor, and a calendar to make appointments.

Finally, all appointments with faculty members will be conducted virtually.  Faculty members are listed on student’s Banner Web summary of classes.  They can be contacted through Gordon State email, or the Brightspace Desire to Learn.

Department Visits:

If you are planning to visit a department, we encourage you to make an appointment through the website using the links below. A confirmation will be sent to students immediately following their submission. Your reservation will allow us to prepare to host you and dedicate the time required to provide the highest level of service.

July 28, 2020 Update 

Q. Will Gordon State have a Welcome Week this year?

Welcome Week will consist mainly of virtual events and small group events. Students will be meeting virtually with faculty during the Academic Day, participating in the outdoor Highland Games in small groups of six or less, and participating in online activities like trivia and video contests. All students may get a campus tour and learn where their classes will be located. We will also have an outdoor Involvement Fair where students can learn about clubs and organizations, and will have opportunities to learn about on-campus jobs.

We will host a competition throughout the week between the FIRE classes called the Highland Games! The activities, listed below, cover a wide range of talents and skills. The competition will help new students meet each other, become familiar with the Gordon campus, and learn what it means to be a Highlander. We are being as careful as possible in hosting these events to stay within social distancing guidelines; therefore, most of the events will have staggered start times, only a representative from the class will be at each event instead of the entire class, equipment will be cleaned between uses, some events will be online. The class that earns the most points throughout the week will win. Below is a brief list of our schedule, see link for full details:

  • Friday, 8/7—Team Meetings
  • Saturday, 8/8—Obstacle course including canoe race and climbing wall
  • Sunday, 8/9—Trivia
  • Monday, 8/10—Scavenger Hunt
  • Tuesday, 8/11—Escape Room in the Hightower Library
  • Wednesday, 8/12—Talent Show
  • Friday, 8/14—Field Day 

Q. Will there be student activities on the GSC campus this fall?

Gordon State College will continue to offer student activities on campus this fall.  They will look a bit different, however.  We will be following CDC best practices and observing the recommendations for social distancing and crowd size.  We will not be doing any large scale events, but they will be replaced by more and smaller events, or they will transition to online events.  Look for events like an online Lip Sync, outdoor Karaoke, and virtual gaming tournaments. 

Q. Will the Student Activity and Recreation Center (SARC) be open for Fall 2020?

New Operating Hours and Policies for The SARC:

The SARC will be open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 9 pm.; Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. will be reserved for High-Risk-patrons only. 

The Fitness Area (weights & cardio rooms) will be shut down Monday-Friday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. for deep cleaning.

Use of the weights & cardio area will be limited to 40 patrons, and the game rooms will be limited to 40 total patrons.

The weights & cardio area will be available through reservation only using the SARC reservation system.

The basketball arena will be used for scheduled events and fitness classes only. It will not be open for free-play.

All patrons will have their temperature checked before entering into the game rooms or fitness area and may be asked general wellness questions by SARC staff.

All patrons will be expected to wear a mask or other face covering unless actively using cardio equipment, participating in a fitness class or an intramural sport, or eating in the food court.

Faculty and staff will complete all necessary training prior to August 1, 2020. At the conclusion of the training, each session will end with a web-based confirmation page which will indicate completion.

Q. What additional health and safety training will be offered in response to the COVID pandemic for Community Assistants (CA)?

CAs will receive training from July 28th – August 5th for COVID training that will include:

  1. Review of COVID training that all students will receive.
  2. Review of COVID Training videos and materials that they will have available to use in Residence Hall Programming and CDC best practices.
  3. GSC COVID-19 Protocols for encountering a student exhibiting symptoms.
  4. The Healthy Highlander Way.
  5. Health and Safety Inspections.
  6. Cleaning and Sanitizing Protocols, and guidance for residence on cleaning their own rooms.
  7. How to Practice Self-Care.
  8. COVID-19: Separating Facts from Fiction.
  9. Responding to COVID -19 Scenarios: Role playing to be ready.

Q. What additional health and safety training will be offered in response to the COVID pandemic for coaches and athletes?

GSC Athletics will conduct four team meetings for the four intercollegiate teams – women’s soccer, men’s basketball, softball and baseball – once the fall semester begins and before any teams engage in activities. These meetings will take place after August 12, but no later than August 27 to review training and protocol for social distancing in and around team practices and scrimmages. These meetings will also feature training and protocol on cleaning and sanitizing equipment associated with each specific sport. The meetings will be mandatory for all student-athletes, head coaches, assistant coaches and administrators directly associated with GSC Athletics.

All Sports:  Guidelines to maintaining hydration for student-athletes, medical attention (if needed) for student-athletes, accommodation of restrooms during practices/scrimmages, handling of equipment normally shared by student-athletes and coaches, and medical check-in/check-out of student-athletes before and after practices/scrimmages.

Coaches and student-athletes will receive the same training and instructions from Gordon State College that is received by all students at the institution, which is Mandatory COVID-19 Informational and Safety Training—as part of the Return to Campus Plan, all new and returning students are required to complete the COVID-19 Safety and Informational Training course located in your Brightspace by D2L account before coming to campus this fall.

GSC student-athletes should complete the physical examination and statement of GSC Athletic Insurance forms prior to any athletic activity. 

Q. What is the plan for Public Performances, Plays and Concerts for Fall 2020?

For fall semester, Fine & Performing Arts public performances will operate in a limited capacity. Live performances will not be held. Following the lead of Broadway, the theatrical production of A Christmas Carol will be videoed, and released for public viewing on opening night. In addition, the theatre department will stage a virtual dramatic reading as a Sunday matinee.

With our music performances, all instrumental public performances will be cancelled. However, our Choral department will present a “Virtual Choir” concert in November. Most rehearsals for all groups will be conducted virtually, due to the inherent risk of singing and vocally projecting associated with performing arts; when in-person rehearsals are necessary, the Healthy Highlander Way guidelines will be strictly followed.

July 17, 2020 Update 

Q. What is the COVID-19 Testing Process for Gordon State College?

Since March 2020, there has been an increase in available testing for COVID-19. The college will encourage testing at any available site that may be most convenient and based on a physician’s recommendation. The college will also partner with the local county Department of Public Health to assist with the testing for residential students.

If the person who was feeling ill is diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19, the institution will partner with the Georgia Department of Public Health to complete the contact tracing process. During the process, the representatives from the Georgia Department of Public Health will work with the patient to identify the people they likely came in contact with during the time of infection.


In order to minimize the threat of an outbreak and to effectively assist the Georgia Department of Public Health in contact tracing, it is imperative that any member of the faculty, staff or student body who becomes aware that another member of the GSC community has tested positive for COVID-19 immediately inform the contact below:


To report a positive case of COVID-19, faculty and staff should contact Human Resources at 678-359-5011 or email Human Resources will inform Nurse Alice Turner in the GSC Health Center, who is our designated point of contact with the DPH in all COVID-19 related issues.


To report a positive case of COVID-19, students should contact Nurse Alice Turner in the GSC Health Center. Nurse Turner is our designated point of contact with the DPH in all COVID-19 related issues. You may call Nurse Turner at 678-359-5476, or send an email to

For information on TESTING LOCATIONS, information subject to change, visit:

Lamar County

1367 Hwy 341 South

Barnesville, GA 30204


Thursdays: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Spalding County

1007 Memorial Drive

Griffin, GA 30224


Wednesdays: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Upson County

URMC, 801 W. Gordon Street

Thomaston, GA 30286


Wednesdays: 8:30 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.


Monroe County

106 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Forsyth, GA 31029


Mondays: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Wednesdays: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Henry County

1050 Florence McGarity Blvd.

McDonough, GA 30253


Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Butts County

463 Ernest Biles Drive

Jackson, GA 30233


Thursdays: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Pike County

541 Griffin Street

Zebulon, GA 30259


Tuesdays: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.


July 14, 2020 Update

Q. What is the plan for Commencement?

Gordon State College held a virtual commencement on May 15 for Spring 2020 graduates. The college released a letter cancelling their in-person celebration that was previously scheduled for August 15 as the result of additional precautions. Gordon decided to suspend the Fall 2020 commencement program until next year, Spring 2021, based on feedback from public health officials, aware students will be "disappointed" but also aware the decision is in the best interest of Highlander Nation.


Q. Will campus rooms/facilities space be available for rent for Fall Semester 2020?

Continuing Education will not rent Gordon State College campus facilities to outside groups during summer or fall semester.



Q: Will residence halls on campus be open and available for Fall Semester 2020?

Gordon State College looks forward to opening our residence halls starting August 6 and safely welcoming more than 800 new and returning students to on campus living.  Space is still available! The Office of Housing and Residence Life (HRL) encourages all new and returning residential students to take care of all fall enrollment processes (e.g., financial aid, payment plans, course scheduling, etc.) as soon possible. Once all fall enrollment processes are confirmed, HRL will send notice of room confirmation and move-in details which includes a move-in sign-up link.  For more information about on campus living, contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at

Q. What is the process for roommate matching and assignment moving for resident students?

When a student applies to live on campus through the E-Reslife system, the student completes a roommate matching inventory as part of the application process.  If the student would like to room with another student(s), they enter that information into the system. Housing and Residence Life (HRL) uses this data to assign students together as long as roommates have like hall/room type selections.  If HRL moves students to a new room assignment based on room consolidation processes, the office moves the requested roommates as well as long as HRL is moving like to like. The office does its very best to keep these students together.  However, if a student(s) drops out of housing, sometimes the remaining student has to be now consolidated into a new room with new roommates.  However, students are always promptly communicated too when they are moved because of this process. For more information, email:

 Q. Will guests be allowed to visit residential students on campus?

After move-in, guests will not be allowed in the residence hall for the duration for the fall semester. This is for the protection of our students and the campus community.

July 10, 2020 Update 

Q. What is the plan for residential students to quarantine?

Residential students living on campus who are feeling ill and experiencing one of the COVID-19 symptoms (e.g., fever, cough, chills, diarrhea, shortness of breath, muscle aches, sore throat, loss of smell or taste, etc.) should (1) contact your Community Assistant (2) contact the College Health Center (which may lead to your departure and returning home).

While awaiting COVID-19 test results, a student is strongly encouraged to remain off campus with parents/family. If that is not possible and only in cases of extreme hardship, the student will be offered a quarantine space on campus, located in Guillebeau Hall. While waiting for confirmation of the student’s diagnosis, their suitemate(s) will be asked to self-quarantine until affected student’s test results are confirmed. The college will follow the guidance of the Department of Public Health DPH Contact Tracing to determine if the suitemate(s) should receive COVID-19 testing.

When a resident student has been quarantined, the Dean of Students will notify the Vice President of Finance and Administration and the Dining Hall Manager. The Dining Hall Manager will ensure food is delivered to the residential student in campus quarantine for each meal. After the student vacates the property, the Dean of Students will notify the Vice President for Finance and Administration who will in return ensure that the Facilities team sanitizes the room.

June 30, 2020 Update

Q. How will academic advising occur for Fall Semester 2020?

Gordon State College has adopted an Appreciative Advising Model, in which students are assigned an advisor during their freshman year that focuses on “proactive advising,” and then a discipline faculty advisor after their freshman year, who focuses on “coaching/mentoring advising.” During the freshman year, the student’s FIRE instructor serves as the academic advisor; in most cases, the FIRE Instructor is either a Student Success Center Advisor/Lecturer, or a Dean or Department Head.

During Fall Semester 2020, there will be no “walk-in” advising; all advising will be virtually, by appointment only. In order for students to make an appointment with their advisor, they must know who their advisor is. To locate their advisor, students should go to the Gordon website, then to Banner web, then to Degree Works. In the box entitled, “Gordon State College

Degree Works,” the advisor name is listed. Students can click on their advisor name to email them for an appointment, or to see the advisor’s telephone number to call for an appointment.

Q. How will the freshman Momentum Year look for Fall Semester 2020?

Advisors will ensure that all Momentum Year principles (e.g. 15 credit hours in first semester; Area A English; etc.) are followed. In addition to the “Freshman Introduction to Reasoning Class” (FIRE 1000) that all freshmen are required to take, in Fall of 2020, for the first time, all freshmen will be expected to take the Gallup Strength Finder Assessment. The results of this assessment will help students to be more successful in their first semester, leading to increased student retention and progression.

Q. What additional health and safety training will be offered in response to the COVID pandemic?

In an effort to continue clear and consistent communication methods, each faculty, staff and student will be required to complete general institutionally provided training on COVID-19.

The on-line training modules/links will be made available starting to the week of July 6. The notification will be sent via email to faculty, staff and students. The faculty/staff training includes an electronic acknowledgment that will be tracked for compliance.

The student version of the training will be delivered via D2L. Students will receive reminder emails to complete the training prior to returning to campus. The material contained in the training will cover the recent updates about the transmission of the virus, preventative measures, campus expectations/etiquette (i.e., The Healthy Highlander Way) and other emergency-related guidance. There are scenarios where additional training will be required based on student population (e.g., residential students, intercollegiate/club/intramural sports students, community assistants, etc.).

Faculty and staff will complete all necessary training prior to August 1, 2020. At the conclusion of the training, each session will end with a web-based confirmation page which will indicate completion.

June 19, 2020 Update 


Q: Is Gordon State College accepting applications for Fall Semester 2020? Is there an application fee?

Gordon State College continues to accept Fall Semester 2020 freshman and transfer student applications. The deadline for applications has been extended to August 1 and the application fee has been waived. See: Admissions counselors are available to speak with you via phone, 678-359-5021, email: and/or a virtual meeting. We will do everything to keep you informed.

Q: How do I submit my application documents to the Admissions Office? 
Gordon is offering online methods of submitting documentation to ensure the safety and health of our students. Please follow your school’s recommendation for submitting official transcripts and supporting documentation. If you are having trouble sending transcripts and other documents not listed in the above bullets through the normal official channels, we will accept and consider the document as “official” if the document comes directly from an email account of the respective school/organization. The sender’s email address must be the authorized employee's official work email address and the email signature must contain all of the employee's contact information. Authorized employees may email transcripts to
Gordon State is open for students to drop off documents Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Student Services Center.

Q: Are standardized test scores waived for Fall Semester 2020 applications? 

Freshmen and dual–enrollment students meeting Gordon State’s GPA admissions standards who are applying to the Fall Semester 2020 will be able to do so without submitting SAT or ACT test scores. The decision comes following guidance by the University System of Georgia (USG) in response to the cancellation of spring SAT and ACT testing dates. Prospective first-year students must meet all other admission requirements, including satisfactory completion of the Required High School Curriculum and all other requested documentation.

Adult Learners and transfer students may still be required to take the Accuplacer exam. We are offering remote testing options. The admissions office will contact you if you need to take the Accuplacer exam so you can set that up with our Testing Center.

Q: How can I schedule a tour of the Gordon State College campus? 

Virtual Information Sessions are available each Thursday at 2 p.m. through July 23 and are hosted by an admissions counselor. The sessions provide an opportunity to share questions regarding applications, housing, registering for classes and more.  To register:

In-person campus tours will begin August 1, 2020 for a limited number of guests, and registration is required. Prospective students can register for the tour at:

Gordon State College holds the health and safety of our guests, students and staff as the highest priority. We continue to work to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in our campus and community. The USG is working with Gov. Kemp’s COVID-19 Task Force, the Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH) and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with experts to mitigate the spread of the virus and to make informed decisions affecting the status of any USG campus or the system. Plans are also subject to change with new information or guidance from the governor’s office, GPDH, CDC or USG.

For a virtual campus tour from the safety of your home, visit:

May 28, 2020 Update

Q: What is the updated New Student Orientation (NSO) plan?

All summer New Student Orientation (NSO) processes have moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic and temporary, summer operating procedures the college has put in place to maintain campus safety. All in-person NSOs for July and August are cancelled and registration fees will be refunded.

All summer NSO online processes include:

  • Part One—Complete online FORGE pre-orientation: all new freshmen and transfer students must complete FORGE online orientation.  
  • Part Two—Register for Zoom NSO: at the conclusion of FORGE, you will be directed to sign-up for a Zoom NSO event (60 minute program).   Zoom NSO’s will be offered throughout the months of June and July. At your Zoom NSO, you will receive your Fall 2020 class schedule.   Any student who does not register for and attend a Zoom NSO will be at risk of having their Fall 2020 schedule dropped. You will receive your Zoom NSO attendance link 48 hours before your scheduled Zoom NSO day.  There is NO registration fee for Zoom NSOs.

After you complete Parts One and Two, you will be prepared to start your GSC educational journey this fall.   You will have your course schedule and basic information needed to be a successful GSC student.  As the Fall 2020 semester start date gets closer (Wednesday, August 12), you will receive additional information about Welcome Week (WW) 20. WW will serve as an extension of your summer NSO experience providing you with additional information and insight into your new Highlander family.  In addition, if you plan on living on campus this fall, you need to submit your housing application ASAP…living on campus is the way to go!

Final NSO Reminders:

  • If you have previously registered for a July or August in person NSO, you must log back into NSO registration and select a new Zoom NSO date. All in person July/August dates and reservations have been cancelled.
  • If you have previously registered for a July or August in person NSO and you did not complete FORGE, you must complete FORGE. No Fall 2020 schedules will be created for students who do not complete FORGE.
  • All students which have previously registered for an in person July or August NSO will receive a refund within the next month.

We look forward to “seeing” you at NSO this summer! If you have any additional questions about NSO, email or visit

May 13, 2020 Update

Q. How do I pay the balance on my student account?

To check your Student Center Account, view a balance, or pay online, go to Pay Now for Students Via Student Account Center located under the My Gordon section of the website. For more information, email

May 7, 2020 Update

Q: How do I return books rented from Gordon State College or Nebraska Book Company?

The Gordon State College Bookstore is closed, please reference your GSC email account. If you rented from Nebraska Book Company, please reference their email for return instructions and mailing address. If you rented from the GSC Bookstore, please reference an email from Gordon State College Bookstore for return instructions and mailing address.

Please email with questions and include your name, student ID and phone number.

April 30, 2020 Update

Q: Am I eligible to receive federal assistance from the CARES Act? 

More than 2500 Gordon State College students will receive federal funding as part of stimulus package recently passed by Congress. The funding has been made available through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and will be distributed "immediately" by the U.S. Department of Education, officials said.

Gordon State’s grants are split into three funds: GSC CARES Grant, GSC Emergency Assistance Grant and the GSC COVID Emergency Fund.  Based on their enrollment status and their demonstrated financial need as determined by the FAFSA, students may receive grants through the GSC CARES Grant and the GSC Emergency Assistance Grant.  These funds will not be available to transient students or dual enrollment students.  

The third fund, the GSC COVID Emergency Fund, will be open to all students.   All GSC students will be eligible to complete an application and provide documents to receive a grant to assist with emergency expenses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Gordon’s Dean of Students will be charged with selecting and leading a campus review committee to receive and review applications for the GSC COVID Emergency Fund. 

For additional information, students should refer to Additional Information Regarding CARES Act Emergency Funds email on 4/30/20 from Dean of Students Matthew Robison.

April 13, 2020

Q: Is there any information regarding Spring Commencement 2020? 

Spring graduates for Gordon State College received information recently by email regarding a virtual ceremony scheduled on the original date of graduation, May 15 at 9 a.m. Graduates will be recognized online and the ceremony will be accessible to the families and friends of the graduates. An on-campus ceremony is also planned for these students to walk across the stage to receive their diploma on August 9, pending CDC guidelines for the Coronavirus group gatherings have been lifted. Students will still graduate consistent with academic standards, but the actual ceremonies will not be held as originally scheduled.

Q: Will I receive any mail and packages that have been going to my residence hall?

With a Shelter in Place order and students out of the residence life halls, there is not a location on campus for students to pick up packages. Therefore, any packages received will be returned to sender.

Q: If I need assistance getting WiFi to complete online courses, what are my options?

The Public Library System for the state of Georgia has provided a website that shows free wi-fi hot spots around the state. Here is the link to that site: In addition, all 26 USG Institutions have been asked to implement Eduroam on all USG WiFi networks. This will enable any faculty, staff, or student to use the WiFi network of any campus using their Gordon State College credentials. You can confirm all eduroam locations by visiting 

April 6, 2020

Q: Since classes have moved to online instruction, can I still withdraw since the previously announced deadline of March 5 has passed? How do I withdraw from a class with everything online and campus closed right now? 

With the recent transition of all Spring Semester 2020 courses to online format, Gordon State College has extended the official withdrawal date for full session spring courses to 5 p.m. on April 17 (Friday), 2020.  Students withdrawing on or before the April 17 deadline will receive a grade of W (withdrawal passing) for Spring 2020.  Students who previously withdrew from classes between March 6 and April 3 will also receive a grade of W in their dropped courses. A grade of W is factored into a student’s attempted hours but not their academic Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation. Students do not receive academic credit from courses in which they withdraw.

If you are wishing to drop only part of your class schedule, you should complete the Schedule Change Form (

If you wish to withdraw from your entire schedule, you should complete the Student Withdrawal Form (

The completed form should be submitted to the Gordon State College Registrar’s Office at

April 3, 2020

Q: Given the new online structure of courses, will Summer courses be offered online or face-to-face?

The University System of Georgia provided guidance on April 2 that all online Summer Courses will be available to register for on Monday, April 6, 2020.

Q: If I need a laptop to complete my work, what are my options?

Laptops are available for students who indicated on the survey that they would need one. If you missed the opportunity to notify the college of this need, please revisit your email received on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 and complete the survey sent from Dean Matthew Robison on behalf of Provost, Dr. C. Jeffery Knighton.

March 31, 2020 UPDATE

Q: What if my class requires experiential learning, applied, or hands on learning?

There are a series of courses made available at Gordon State College that can be classified as experiential learning, applied, or hands on (e.g. – Internships, Nursing Clinicals, Physical Education, and Fine and Performing Arts). You should have received an email from Dean of Students, Dr. Matthew Robison, on behalf of the Provost, Dr. C. Jeffery Knighton on March 31, 2020 outlining more specifics on how these courses will be conducted. In addition you should also be receiving an email from the faculty member teaching that particular class. 

Q: Is it possible to move the Financial Aid Verification deadline?

May 1, 2020 is the preferred deadline to have your Financial Package ready in June. Please check your email by April 3, 2020 to learn more about filing the FAFSA, verification, loans, and other information.

March 27, 2020 Update 

Q: Will Student Support Services still be available to students who previously utilized them?

Yes. Any student receiving support (i.e. tutoring, mentoring, learning support) will still have those services available. 

Q: How do students receive help from the Information Technology (IT) Team?

Students can email and the IT department will assist them as they receive the emails.

Q: Has anything changed for the Fort Valley Gap Students?

Fort Valley Gap Students will be attending classes the same as all other students.

March 26, 2020 Update 

Academics and Instruction

Q: Will classes resume after March 29?

Following guidance from the University System of Georgia, we will continue to test our business continuity plans and online instruction capabilities through March 29.

On March 30, we will move all face-to-face instruction to an online or distance-based format.

Q: How do I begin to register for Summer 2020 and/or Fall 2020 classes??

Registration for Summer and Fall 2020 opens on April 6. Students should have received an email with advising instructions and information. If a student has not heard from their advisor by Friday, March 27, 2020, they are to email the Student Success Center account  

Q: How can students gain access to technology and calculators?

Students have received an email from the Provost, Dr. C Jeffery Knighton, providing them with a link to library resources. Students can access additional resources like scientific calculators at these two links (Link #1 , Link #2). Please check back for updates on additional IT loaners.

Q: If I am a Probation by Appeal student, has anything changed?

Probation by Appeal students should still be meeting and staying in touch with their mentors. If you have not received an email please reach out to your mentor. Frequency in meetings should be increased. Although students are away from campus, remember that online academic support services are available.    

Q: How do I make an appointment to receiving advising for registration?

Students received an email on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 from the Registrar, Ms. Kristi Hayes, that allows them to view their registration time in Banner Web. The email also allows students to view their advisor’s name and contact information. The Registrar’s office will also be available to assist students via email at and phone at 678-359-5022 if they have any questions.

Q: If I have a Bookstore of Library Book that needs to be returned, how do I return them?

Books from the bookstore may be returned and purchased on Wednesdays from 10:00am – 2:00pm. Books may also be purchased online. Please return all Library Books to the drop box outside the Collaborative Learning Center and Library anytime during the week

Q: What will happen with assignments due the week of March 23?

Assessments and homework deadlines previously scheduled for the week of March 23 are postponed until after March 30. You will be contacted by your instructors about amended schedules for your respective courses.

Q: How are we going to be able to access our classes online?

The week of March 23, students should monitor their Gordon email account for a standardized set Brightspace by D2L distance learning instructions and communication from their instructors. On the login page of D2L, there is a link to a set of tutorials. These tutorials may also be viewed here: These tutorials are also linked in the “Student Help” area on the top left of the page once you log into Brightspace by D2L.

Q: Will final exams also be conducted on-line?

Yes, final exams will be conducted online.

Student Support Services

Q. How can I access Student Health Resources?

All students at University System of Georgia institutions are now eligible to consult with doctors, nurses and mental health specialists as they work through issues related to COVID-19. These consultations are no cost for students enrolled in the USG Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) and $40 for non-enrolled students. There is a 24/7 help line available for all students at no charge.

Students that have questions or concerns about whether they are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 should immediately call their healthcare provider or member services number through their insurance plan.  For students that need guidance or may not have a provider or insurance, the Georgia Department of Public Health has established a hotline. That number is: 844-442-2681.

Information regarding student health resources has been sent to students through their GSC email. Students who may be experiencing anxiety or stress following the recent developments around COVID-19, UHCSR is offering an Emotional-Support Help Line, through Optum, providing access to specially trained mental health specialists. Optum’s toll-free help line number, 866-342-6892, will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for as long as necessary. The service is free of charge to all students.

Q: How can I access Harry’s House through the end of the semester?

Currently, Harry’s House has limited supply. However, the Counseling Center is developing an online sign-up system for students to make an appointment to come to Harry’s House shop. More information will be forthcoming.

Also, the United Way has a COVID-19 Community Economic Relief Fund to help with bills, rent and food. You can call 1-866-211-9966 and provide a zip code to be given a local list of agencies to provide assistance.

How will I be able to continue my counseling appointments?

The GSC Counseling Center will be offering a tele-counseling option for students who have been receiving counseling services so that they may continue to receive support during this time of remote instruction.  Additionally, we will continue to provide support and guidance to student‘s receiving course accommodations.  The Counseling Center is creating online videos and digital resources to assist students who may be experiencing stress or anxiety during this period.  Information will be sent to students’ GSC email and posted online offering guidance on how to reach Counseling Center staff via phone and email.  We will send an email to students during the week of March 23. If you would like to request an appointment, please email us at, or you may call 678-359-5585.

Q: Is the Student Health Clinic open?

The Student Health Clinic will resume seeing students on March 30. However, students must call and make an appointment. Drop-ins will not be seen. For appointments after March 30, call: 678-359-5111.

Q: Will on-line tutoring support be available?

With the transition to classes moving online for the safety of all involved, Gordon State remains committed to helping our students succeed. We have made a significant investment in online tutoring hours to support our students in their classes for the rest of the semester. The link to our online tutoring service is available in each student's D2L shell.

Q: Can I still place and receive orders from the Bookstore?

The website is available for all students to place orders only with credit cards at this time:  All web orders have a minimum of 48 hour turn-around time for students to receive their items. The Bookstore Staff will process orders and make sure all items are shipped to students in a timely manner.

Q: Will we still be able to meet with other students and/or club organizations?

The Office of Student Life and Recreation is currently working on virtual student life events, creating spaces for student clubs to meet online, and students to engage with the co-curricular experience virtually.  More Information on these programs will be coming soon. 


Q: What about the status of my student application?

The Admissions Office is operating on a limited schedule for the week of March 16 - 20. We will continue to process applications as normal. Students can check the status of their applications online at Any questions can be directed to

Q: What about the status of my Nursing application?

Review of applications for the Pre-licensure BSN Program that will begin this coming Fall 2020 Semester are on schedule. The review process will be completed in the next two weeks and acceptance letters will be emailed soon after. In some cases acceptance into the program will be contingent on the student’s successful completion of any remaining CORE courses as well as the newly calculated GPA.

The LPN Bridge Program applications for the cohort that begins in the Fall 2020 are also on schedule. These will also be completed in the next two weeks and acceptance letters will be emailed soon after. 

The ASN Program application process will open as scheduled this Summer 2020 for the cohort that will begin in the Spring 2021. That application process will begin in June 2020.  

Please see our Department of Nursing link on the college website at for up to date information about all of our nursing programs. 

Q: What about the status of my EdTPA portfolio?

The School of Education will follow the guidelines established by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. For more information, contact the School of Education Dean Dr. Joseph R. Jones via email:


Q: Does this impact events on campus?

Gordon State College is postponing or cancelling on-campus or off-campus events between now and March 29. Some events may be moved to a virtual format and announcements will be forthcoming. This includes recruitment events, tours, Open House, student programs, advisory board meetings, reunions, concerts, performances, conferences, community education, competitions, club and social events. As for athletic events, the NJCAA has made the decision to cancel all spring sports competitions, which includes GSC Athletics.


Q: Do I need to move out of my residence hall?

The Office of Housing and Residence Life (HRL) has developed a plan to facilitate the move-out process in a safe, efficient, and orderly manner.  HRL will be implementing a sign-up process for students to confirm a time to come to campus and remove their belongings.   Move-out time slots will be available beginning Friday, March 20 through Tuesday, March 24th for all residence halls.  We will also have slots available on Wednesday, March 25, Thursday, March 26 and Friday, March 27th for the Village. We will be limiting the number of students per time slot to minimize the number of students on campus at any one time.  Refer to link in student email for move out instructions and scheduling times.

 Q: Will I get a refund reflecting an early departure?

As a member of the University System of Georgia, Gordon State College’s Student Refund Plan calls for GSC to refund students a prorated percentage of the amount paid for Spring 2020 dining, housing and parking fees. Refunds are expected to be processed after March 25,2020. For more information about refunds, students should check their GSC email.

Faculty & Staff

Q: Are faculty and staff members expected to report to work as usual?

All USG institutions will remain open with minimal staff physically on-site to ensure continuity of certain services.

Our goal is to have the appropriate level of staffing on campus to allow for social distancing while we still do the work required to serve the students, faculty, and staff.

All managers are instructed to implement their COVID-19 continuity of operations staffing plans beginning the week of March 16. If you have questions, please email your supervisor or divisional vice president. If you need to come to campus, please work directly with your supervisor and vice president for guidance.

For help with remote access, refer to employee email from Chief Information Officer Chris Wright on 3.18.20 or reference the instructions in the Telecommuting Instructions block to the right of the Login Station page.

Q: What about Gordon State College employee travel?

All GSC non-essential travel has been cancelled.

Q: I could use some assistance with Information Technology (e.g., software, hardware) needs. Who should I contact?

Contact Information Technology by placing a ticket request via: 

Q: I could use some assistance with D2L (e.g., course delivery, course design) needs. Who should I contact?

Contact Instructional Designer and Brightspace by D2L Administrator Autumn Schaeffer by email: or Assistant Vice President of Innovative Education & Strategic Initiatives Dr. Ric Calhoun at