Gordon State College ID Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out my GCID#?

Your GCID# is printed on the front of your Gordon College ID Card. You can also look up your GCID# online from the 'MY GORDON' page which is accessible from the top blue menu bar of the Gordon web site. Just click on 'Lookup My GCID#' and a new window will appear - answer the questions provided and press the 'Lookup' button. (Make sure any pop-up blockers you may have are turned off before you click on Lookup My GCID#)

What important information is printed on my Gordon State College ID Card?

Your Gordon College ID card displays important information required to access many of our computer systems on campus. Your GCID# is printed on the front of the card. You will use this ID number for your Banner Web User ID. Your Gordon network username is printed on the back of your Gordon College ID card under the magnetic strip (Figure 1). You will use this username to logon to Gordon lab computers, email, GeorgiaVIEW D2L, and wireless Internet.

GSC ID card back side
Figure 1: Back of Gordon College ID Card

What number do I use to log onto Banner Web?

You should use your GCID# as your User ID for Banner Web. To assist current students, there is a GCID# look up available online. See 'How do I find out my GCID#' above for details. Your GCID# is also printed on the front of your Gordon College ID card.

How will the College use my Social Security number?

Gordon State College follows all legal requirements for use of SSNs. Your SSN will always be handled in a confidential manner, and will not be used as a primary identifier in Gordon State College business systems. It will be used for mandated business functions such as financial aid and tax reporting to federal and state government agencies. It will also be used in conjunction with insurance and retirement programs, Board of Regents reporting, and other official College business activities as appropriate.

How will my GCID# affect my academic transcript?

Student social security numbers will not be displayed on Banner-generated academic transcripts. Students will be identified by name, GCID#, and date of birth on the academic transcript.