Counseling Appointments

Students should arrive early for their initial appointment. Required intake paperwork takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. If you arrive early, you will have more time to spend with the counselor.

Appointments/sessions generally last about 50 minutes.

Students over 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment will be rescheduled.

If you schedule an appointment and are unable to make it, contact Counseling and Accessibility Services to cancel your appointment as soon as possible. This will free up the counselor's time for another appointment and assist us with getting your appointment rescheduled.


Any student in crisis may walk into the Counseling Center and see a counselor on a first-come, first served basis. Students are required to complete initial paperwork prior to meeting with a counselor. Students in crisis will be seen by the first available counselor after their initial paperwork has been completed.

If a student (either a residential student or a student attending class) is on campus and in crisis after hours, call Gordon State College Public Safety at 678-359-5111. Off campus students in crisis should call the GA Crisis and Access Line at 800-715-4225 or, if it is a life threatening emergency, call 911.

Suicidal Students

If you are a student considering suicide, or if you are a faculty or staff member concerned that a student may be considering suicide, then immediate action should be taken by contacting Public Safety at 678-359-5111. During regular hours, Public Safety will contact Counseling and Accessibility Services to alert and request a counselor. After hours, Public Safety will contact the on-call counselor and make them aware of a suicidal student.

How to make an appointment or refer a student

Students may self-refer by calling Counseling and Accessibility Services at 678-359-5585 and scheduling an appointment to meet with a counselor. Students who call after hours are encouraged to leave a message on our confidential voice mail. You will be contacted on the next business day to schedule an appointment. Most personal counseling sessions last about an hour, and students are required to complete an intake form and an informed consent form prior to meeting with the counselor.

Faculty or staff may verbally refer a student for counseling service or they may walk with them to the Counseling Office.