Anime Club Officers

Position: Name: Email:
Advisor Tyler Pitman
President Nicci Gautreaux
Vice President Amanda Zheng
Secretary Jediah Johnson
Treasurer Kiara Booker
Extra Officer Chandler Karki

Officers' top 10 Anime Picks

Commonly asked questions:


Elections for all officers will officially be held at the beginning of the fall semester for each school year.

Elections will be held in club amongst all club members via a blind vote, overseen by the current club advisor.

If a position opens up, a special election will be conducted at the next club meeting. Should a officer currently serving wishes to take the vacant seat for themselves, then the club will vote on the vacancy left by the promoted officer.


The only requirement required to run for an officer position is to be taking a minimum of 3 credit hours and be in good academic standing. It is, however, recommended that those seeking a position as officer have the time and energy required to fulfill their duties as required by the club.

Term Limits

There are no term limits imposed upon officers, however they will have to be re-elected at the beginning of the new school year.

Officer Duties

All officers will be expected to be representations of the club’s leadership. They will be required to help host events, facilitate club activities, and to do the work required to make the club run smoothly. Officers will also be expected to be available to members to voice concerns, ideas, and to facilitate in the overall success of the club.

General duty guidelines for each position can be found in the Anime Club of Gordon State College Constitution on page 3.

Removal or Impeachment

While hopefully never required, if an officer is found to be unable to uphold their duties or is in violation of any college or club guidelines an impeachment process can be imposed for the officer in question

More information about the process can be found in the Anime Club of Gordon State College Constitution on page 4.