Anime Club Membership

Membership to Anime Club will be available to the entire campus community. Membership to Anime Club is achieved through attendance of weekly meetings and participation in club related events. Attendance is not mandatory and is hoped to be a result of a desire to attend rather than a feeling of necessity or force.

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How To Sign Up For Anime Club

You can sign up for Anime club during Club Day. Look for our table while you browse other clubs!

You can also drop by during any club meeting. We'd be happy to see you.

If you cannot make it to any meetings or club day, you can also sign up using the this form below. This allows you to receive emails from us about Anime night and other activates planned throughout the week.

How Can I Get Reminders And Updates From Anime Club?

When you sign up for Anime Club, you will automatically receive weekly emails from us.

If you'd like to receive text reminders, updates and emergency changes from us please follow the following steps:

  1. Login here with your Gordon username (Ex: jd123456) and password:
  2. In the top right click on the person icon and choose "My Profile"
  3. Verify any existing phone numbers and add any new ones that you'd like to be texted on. Ensure that the "I allow Regroup to send me voice and text messages. Standard rates apply." box is checked.
  4. Next on the left side click on "Groups"
  5. Find the Anime Club group and click on the "Request to join" link.

 Interact With Your Fellow Members


Anime Club Discord:

Pokemon Go Discord (Sponsored by Anime Club):