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The Student Success Center at Gordon State College offers help to students in several science courses offered at the College. Experienced professional and peer tutors work with students one-on-one and in small groups, with the ultimate goal of empowering students to find their own solutions to problems.

Not all science subjects are available. Call us at 678.359.5156 for more information.

Meet the tutors!

Science Tutoring Do's

  • Do visit us when your Science professor suggests you need extra help
  • Do visit us when your Science professor is unavailable for help
  • Do visit us when you want to get in some extra Science practice
  • Do bring your Science book and other relevant materials, such as hand-outs and graded exams
  • Do be patient-we are usually very busy, and you will probably have to wait a few minutes for a tutor. But we WILL get to you!
  • Do have the time to work on your Science when you visit us
  • Do expect our tutors to put you to work-tutoring is an interactive exchange! You will be asked to work problems and otherwise participate in the process

Science Tutoring Do Not's

  • Do not use the Science Tutoring as a substitute for attending class; our tutors are sharp, but they cannot in any way take the place of your Science professor
  • Do not use the Science Tutoring as a substitute for visiting your Science professor during his or her office hours-your professor is always your best resource!
  • Do not use the Science Tutoring as a "drive by" service: if you come in for help with some homework problems that are due in thirty minutes, you are probably going to leave disappointed. As noted above, you should come in only when you have time to work on your Science. We cannot rescue you from poor planning!
  • Do not expect us to do your homework for you. As we note above, tutoring is an interactive process, and you will be asked to participate

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