Early Alerts

About Always Alert (Navigate Alert and Progress Reports)

Beginning in Fall 2021, Gordon State College will use an Early Alert Progress Report instead of the Always Alert system that was in Web Banner.  Why the changes? We want to identify students who are at-risk of earning a D or an F in a specific course, and to know why the student isn’t doing well. The Progress Report therefore allows you to provide several types of relevant information about each at-risk student’s situation, including current grades, absences, alert reasons (e.g., missing assignments, sleeping in class), and even to write specific comments. You can choose only to indicate those students whom you consider to be at risk, but you should provide as much information as you can.

The purpose of the Progress Report is to not only identify but also offer assistance to academically at-risk students.  The information you provide will be used to make timely “at-risk interventions” designed to help these students turn things around in order to successfully complete your course.

Throughout each semester, faculty members may complete reports for students in their courses that notifies the Student Success Center of students who may benefit from additional resources and support.

The notification is not a grade and is not reported in the student's academic record. The Always Alert notification affords the students an opportunity to make academic modifications and improvements in a timely manner to achieve scholastic success by the end of the semester.

The Early Alert program helps students:

  • Recognize academic challenges
  • Identify resources and strategies to address academic challenges
  • Take ownership and become empowered to accomplish their goals for academic success
  • Take advantage of campus resources

What to do if you receive an Early Alert (Always Alert) Notification

Students receive Always Alert notifications via email to the student's @gordonstate.edu address. If you receive one or more Always Alert notification(s) please take the following actions immediately:

  1. Read all correspondence regarding the Always Alert notification carefully.
  2. Email alwaysalert@gordonstate.edu to make an appointment to meet with an Academic Coach.
  3. Schedule an appointment with your professor issuing the notification to discuss strategies for improvement.

Always Alert Frequently Asked Questions

What is Always Alert?

Always Alert at Gordon State College is an initiative that seeks to provide support to students who have demonstrated behaviors that may hinder academic performance and overall success. This outreach effort is a partnership between faculty and the Student Success Center.

What is an Always Alert intervention?

Always Alert interventions are an opportunity for students to meet with an academic coach to accomplish the following:

  • Recognize academic challenges
  • Identify resources and strategies to address academic challenges
  • Take ownership and become empowered to accomplish their goals for academic success
  • Take advantage of campus resources

Based on area of focus, each referred student is assigned an academic coach who will aid students in creating a plan for academic success.

Are Always Alert intervention meetings mandatory?

Yes. Attending an Always Alert Intervention is mandatory for any student referred for one or more of the following: grades, participation, and/or attendance. Once referred, failure to schedule and attend a meeting will result in a hold placed on your account.

How long will the intervention meeting take?

Always Alert interventions are brief, lasting between 10 and 20 minutes.

Can I have my intervention meeting over the phone?

Yes. If you do not attend classes at the main campus in Barnesville, GA, you may arrange a telephone conference with your academic coach.

What do I do if my professor accidently referred me?

If you believe that your professor has mistakenly referred you, please ask your professor to email alwaysalert@gordonstate.edu informing us of the error.

How do I lift the Always Alert hold on my account?

Holds can only be lifted after you have attended an Always Alert intervention meeting. Please contact your academic coach or email alwaysalert@gordonstate.edu to schedule your meeting.

If you have attended a meeting but still have a hold on your account, email alwaysalert@gordonstate.edu about your situation and we will lift the hold.

If you are asked to complete the College Lassi, please follow these instructions:

Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)

This inventory is designed to gather information about your learning and study practices and attitude. The information is helpful in planning your time management and addressing other skills areas that may need improvement.

Go to: http://www.collegelassi.com

Once the page opens up, you will need to add the following information on the bottom left of the screen:

School Number: 80035

User Name: bccy

User Password: gbx8

A new page will open up where you will enter your name, etc.

A new page will open up with 60 education/learning based statements. 

There are 5 choices, choose the best one. I always explain the choices because in the past students told me they did not understand the choices:

Not at all typical - almost never/never

Not very typical - generally not true/rarely

Somewhat typical - about half of the time

Fairly typical - generally true/a lot of the time/often

Very much typical - all the time, or almost all of the time

Answer honestly, as you are experiencing it NOW. 

If you are on campus, print two copies of page 1. One for you, one for your advisor/coach.

What do I do if I missed my Always Alert intervention appointment?

If you miss an appointment, contact your academic coach to reschedule. If you are unsure of who your coach is, ask us by emailing alwaysalert@gordonstate.edu.

Contact Us

Have any questions or comments? Please contact us by emailing alwaysalert@gordonstate.edu.