First Session Summer Grades Available

First Session Summer Grades have been posted to your Banner Web Account. Final GPAs and Academic Standing will not be calculated until the conclusion of the full summer semester. 


What to Bring

To make your on-campus life more comfortable, we suggest that you bring the following items from home:

Clothes hangers/hamper, pillow, linens, mattress pad, blanket for a 3/4 size bed (extra-long twin sheets fit), towels and wash cloths, flashlight, clothing (including a bath robe), iron/ironing board, an umbrella, a power strip electrical outlet with surge protector, laundry detergent, cable cord for television, air tight containers for snacks/food, and broom/mop/cleaning products. On the days of move-in and move-out, residents are advised to bring a dolly or moving cart for loading and unloading.

Other items you may bring: television (cable TV hookup provided in each room), desk lamp, small microwave, small refrigerator (3.0 cu. ft. or smaller), small fan, area rug, telephone (one telephone line per room/unit with same phone number and local calls at no charge), and computer/cord. Apartment style items: shower curtains, toilet tissue, bath mats, plunger, etc.
** Please refer to the Guide for Highlander Living for additional information.

GSC Linen and Things:

GSC Care Packages: