Student Employment

Welcome to the Student Employment Online Database!

Student Employment is directed by Human Resources at Gordon State College. This office assists students and employers in fulfilling all their employment needs. Students can click on a job listing type to view positions that are currently open.

Any student enrolled in six or more credit hours may apply for Student Assistant positions. Federal Work Study positions are ONLY for students eligible for the Federal Work Study Program. Students may contact Financial Aid to determine their Federal Work Study eligibility; however, eligibility for Federal Work Study does not guarantee employment.


Student Employment Boot Camp 

Beginning Spring 2019, a Student Employment Boot Camp (SEBC) program will be offered to current and prospective student workers.  The SEBC is a partnership of different departments/areas on campus who want to equip student workers with some of the basic skill sets for campus and future career endeavors.  The SEBC series will run from March 18 th through April 19 th with the different sessions being offered at various times and locations for convenience around classes and other obligations.  Each face-to-face component will last approximately 1 hour and equips student workers with the EDGE principles in the following areas:

Face to face modules and online module list.
Face-to-Face Workshops

1-Conflict Resolution/Critical Thinking (E)

2-Customer Service/Professionalism  (D

3-Communication/Public Speaking (G)

4-Title IX/Diversity Inclusion/One USG (E)

Online Module

In Case of Emergency (online module)

 We highly encourage all interested applicants (current and future) to attend the four workshops for completion of the series and added consideration for positions on campus.  For more information on the dates of each workshop download the Boot Camp Calendar.

If you have any questions about the Boot Camp, please email