Highlander Career Resource Library

Millennial Money Minutes - 

Hey, check out "Millennial Money Minutes" by Grant Sabatier as he guides us on how to take a smarter approach to managing money by encouraging others to develop a new money mindset.


Adulthood Made Easy-

 Hey, check out "Adulthood Made Easy" by Sam Zabell guiding graduates entering adulthood. Additionally, Zabell and guests give feedback on how to manage stress as an adult by sharing their own experiences.  


Good Life Project- 

Check out the "Good Life Project" by pathological maker Jonathan Fields who creates resources to help others become more engaged in life. He promotes lasting change so that others can honor their responsibilities they have already built. 


Mindfulness in 8 weeks- 

Hey checkout "Mindfulness in 8 weeks" by Michael Chaskalson promoting an 8-week plan from his book "Mindfulness in 8 weeks". He encourages others to clear their mind and become calmer by 20-minute guided meditation. 


Prepping for Professional & Graduate School 

Preparing Your Personal Statement

Career Exploration Tips for Graduate Students

5 Reason Professional Organizations are Worth Joining

Create a Job Search Plan

Career Readiness Competencies

All About The Resume

Create a Resume

How to Write a Resume

Resume Templates

Most In-Demand Job Skill

Interviewing 101

Complete List of Behavioral Interview Questions

Doing Well in a Job Interview

Phone & Panel Interview Insight

25 Most Difficult Questions You'll Be Asked in an Interview

Things to Research About Organization .... Before Your Interview

Quick Start Instructional Guide to Mergent Intellect (Research Tool)

Men - Interview Dress Essentials

Women - Interview Dress Essentials