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Exceptional Students

Gordon State College seeks and encourages academic excellence. For those students who bring with them exceptional accomplishments and show particular potential, Gordon State College offers the following options:

While each option offers distinct academic advantages to the student body, all options are geared to award and accelerate academic progress.

Gordon offers incoming students course credit for having successfully engaged in advanced study. Students with Advanced Placement, College Level Examination Program, or International Baccalaureate credit are enrolled with advance standing and begin their curriculum with course credit already earned.

Additionally, while enrolled, the Honors Program provides an opportunity to be part of an exciting academic environment with opportunities not offered to all students. Honor's students take special designated honors courses that not only fulfill core curriculum requirements, but also provide a unique academic experience that allows students to work with the best faculty on campus and facilitate the development of a sense of community with other like-minded students. The program also provides other opportunities for engagement outside of the classroom including speaker events, student conferences, regular off-campus trips, and campus social events. Most notably, honors students are granted priority registration status. Honors students will have first choice in class selection for every term that they are enrolled, thereby almost guaranteeing a desirable schedule every semester.

Additionally, honors housing opportunities are available for students who desire academically focused living arrangements on campus.

Gordon State College values academic excellence. We are dedicated to providing a variety of options and challenges to exceptional students. We encourage you to be part of our advanced learning community.