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A unit of the University System of Georgia

Gordon College 1872 -1934

Artist's drawing of the Gordon Institute School building from the 1887 catalog.

In 1876 this was the first structure built specifically for Gordon Institute. It was located in the general area where the Barnesville Chamber of Commerce sits today facing towards Holmes Street.

Alice Wooten - Gordon Institute alumnus

In 1875 Alice Wooten was the first person to receive a diploma from Gordon Institute.

Gordon Institute's main building with cadets out front - circa 1900-01

In 1889 the original building from the first picture was enlarged by the addition of four school rooms and a hallway. The building was torn down in 1934 and part of the lumber was used to construct Memorial Gymnasium, now known as Guillebeau Hall.

Gordon Institute's armory/auditorium with physical culture classes in front - circa 1900-01

This building was a combination of armory and auditorium built for Gordon Institute in 1897. The Armory was on the right end of the building facing onto Holmes Street while the Auditorium occupied the larger part of the building and faced Thomaston Street. In 1946 the auditorium was lost to an overnight fire.

Gordon Institute's Armory / Auditorium - circa 1907

This a view of the Auditorium from Thomaston Street.

Jesse Wright

Gordon Institute alumnus - 1896

Gordon Institute Cadet Band


Gordon Institute Faculty - 1900

Back Row L-R Mrs. Leila May Stewart Rhodes, Mr. Fletecher Henry, Mrs. Augustus Lambdin, Miss Lily Turner, Mrs. Nottingham, Mrs. Mary B. Smith and Professor Frank Oliphant. Middle Row L-R Unknown child and woman. Front Row L-R Miss Lee, Mr. Quincy Nash, Dr. Jere Pound, Miss Katherine Lockhardt and Miss Anne McCullough.

Primary School Department of Gordon Institute - May 1900

This is one half of the Primary School Department. The two adults in the center L-R are Mrs. Augustus Lambdin and Mrs. Loula Kendall Rogers, the principal of the Primary Department.

Gordon Battalion on campus - 1902

The building at the far left of the photograph is one of the original dorms that sits where T-Street Barracks would eventually be built.

Gordon Institute Cadet Officeers - circa 1902-1903

Back Row L-R: J. E. Howard, J. E. Arnold, Terrell Covington, Parker Babb, C. J. Curry and B. M. Taylor. Front Row Sitting L-R: C. S. Kelly CPT. E. T. Winston, PMS H. L. Covington and A. H. Reppard.

Gordon Institute Senior Class of 1908

Back Row L-R: Cora Bankston Moore, John G. Colbert, Sally Marshburn, Lucy Stroud Bowman, Frank Powell, Cora Moss, Ruth Elder, David Davis, Dora Howard Tyus, Claude Keith and Bessie Cannafax Milner. Middle Row L-R: William Faulk, Elma Grace Newton, Bob Forrester, Florrie Howard Jackson, Paul Anderson, Martha Kate Porch Cook, Douglas McKinney, Mattie Tyus Barnes and Dudley Cannafax Front Row L-R: Lillian Reeves Smith, Leon Hanson, Fannie Floyd Scott, John Thurman, Alice Hunt McWhorter and Bradley Hogg.

Baseball Team - May 1910

Top Row L-R: Coach Cunningham, Bob McWhorter, Unknown, Miguel Jackson Middle Row L-R: Alex Knight, Hawkins, Turk, Henderson, Unknown and Lasserre Front Row L-R: Randolph, Unknown, Blakmore, Nelson and Hutchinson.

Carnegie Library interior - circa 1912

The Carnegie Libary was opened in 1910 and Gordon Institute / Military College students used the library until 1933 when the school opened a separate library. The Carnegie Library continued to operate as the public library until 1987 when the new library opened.

Academic Building

The Academic Building was designed by Eugene C. Wachendorff, an Atlanta architect, who also designed the Lamar County Courthouse. The building opened on September 5, 1912 and housed the High School and the College until 1933 when those divisions moved to the former Sixth District A & M campus. From 1934 to an unknown date it housed the Grammar School division of Gordon. Around 1984-1986 it was torn down to make room for the Barnesville-Lamar County public library.

Camera Club - circa 1913

In no particular order: A. Ohlman- President, D. L. Stockbridge -Vice-President, J. G. Carpenter - Secretary-Treasurer, T. C. Keen, E. H. Winchester, O. H. Starnes, J. S. Smith and D. H. Metts.

Football Team - circa 1916

In no particular order: T. D. Joiner, B. Lynch, E. W. Purcell, A. M. Day, O. C. Mizell, B. P. Webb, W. N. Pace, Capt. J. M. Dixon, J. P. Doster, R. L. Hammond, W. Turnipseed, R. Lynch, J. G. Miller, K. L. Stewart, J. S. Stockbridge, F. L. Kirkland, T. E. Jones, C. V. Baker and E. W. Pugh.

Baseball Team - 1920

Back Row: Coach Parker Mosely Middle Row L-R: Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified, R. W. Jenkins "Sal" (Captain and Pitcher), Otto B. Dumas (Shortstop), and Phil Brewster (Pitcher). Front Row L-R N. Poore "Shorty" (Left field), Unidentifed, S. A. Pierce (Catcher)? Frank Ogletree (2nd Base) and R. A. Freeman (Shortstop). The unidentifed in no particular order are Earl Daniel (1st Base), J. A. Brown (3rd Base), H. L. Sheppard (Center Field) and E. T. Busbin (Right Field).

Girls' Basketball Team - 1921

Back row L-R: Myrtrude Henslee, Lt. Heay and Elizabeth Smith. Middle Row L-R: Evelyn Matt, Elizabeth Anderson and Lula Pulliam Front Row L-R: Emma Martin, Sarah Smith and Sarah Burns.

Stationary circa 1896-1908

Photograph of letterhead section of stationary which depicts a cadet, female student and the Gordon Institute buildings.

Invitation to 15th Anniversary Exercises of the Eunomian and Lysian Societies – 1887

The Eunomian and Lysian Societies were literary societies formed in 1872 for the high school girls and boys.

Cadet March sheet music - 1894

This music was composed by Mrs. Annie Sanford Cochrane, former Gordon Institute teacher and dedicated to Lieu. A. R. Piper, Commandant of Gordon Institute Cadets.

Cadet Cap - 1898

Cap worn by cadet Thomas Rogers.

Gordon How? Pamphlet

Circa 1908-1909