Gordon State College Hosts State Legislators in Annual Legislative Roundtable Event

By Karolina Philmon, GSC Marketing Manager

On Thursday, Nov. 10, Gordon State College hosted its annual Legislative Roundtable event at the Barnesville campus where several Georgia legislators from multiple districts covering GSC’s 14-county primary service region met and discussed the institution’s progress, highlights and priorities to continue on its academic success.

"It’s imperative that we connect with our legislators. We’re grateful for their time for they work diligently to spread the good word of Gordon State College. They are key partners in the development of a region that promotes economic development and sustainable communities," said GSC President, Dr. Kirk A. Nooks.

Legislators in attendance included Reps. David Knight, District 130; Regina Lewis Ward, District 115; Beth Camp, State House District 131; Clint Crowe, District 110; and Josh Bonner, District 72.

President Nooks opened the session and expanded on how focusing on its 14-county primary service region has impacted the college, as well as provided some highlights of the institution that included the regional recruitment where 119 counties within the state have sent at least one student to GSC.

“It was a great opportunity to discuss where Gordon State College is on a bigger scale, but also on a micro level,” Camp said. “It’s important for us to make sure that Gordon has the resources it needs to move forward and service our area’s students, both traditional and nontraditional.”

President Nooks continued the discussion by informing the legislators of the institution’s enrollment, demographics and an update on its 5-year strategic plan, Building the Power of WE. Points of emphasis included topics of affordability, major repair and rehabilitation, and small capital projects.

Rep. Knight said it was essential to keep Georgia balanced and not solely focused on the bigger concentrated areas. He said there is a responsibility to ask what one has done respectively from a state and their respective roles to benefit the students in becoming happy and productive Georgia citizens.

“I’m proud of what Gordon continues to do to meet its mission of being an accessible and exceptional educational option. Most importantly what Gordon has is the quality,” Knight said. “It’s the quality of programs where it has always provided that invaluable education.”