Gordon State College Hosts Annual Scholarship Luncheon

By Karolina Philmon, GSC Marketing Manager

Gordon State College hosted its annual Scholarship Luncheon in-person on April 28, at the GSC Collaborative Learning Center in the Nursing, Health, and Natural Sciences (NAHS) building.

Montrese Adger Fuller, GSC vice president for advancement, external relations, and marketing opened the event with a welcome and gave special thanks to the scholarship donors for their support for GSC and its students.

“I look forward to this event each year because it’s a wonderful fellowship tool to engage our generous donors and share the impact they are making at Gordon,” Adger Fuller said. “And for the students, it gives them a chance to connect with their scholarship donors in a meaningful way.”

Nine scholarship donors and/or representatives and 13 student recipients attended the special occasion. Conversations were had over an Italian-style lunch with a few dessert options. Afterwards, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Scholarship and Bill and Doris White Scholarship donor, Mr. Daniel White shared a few remarks.

“When you want to be impactful, you want to have a focus to your giving. That focus for me is the students here at Gordon State College,” White said. “I see this school as a vehicle to help improve the quality of life, not only for the students, but for their families and for the larger community.”

Elijah Clemmons, GSC junior and recipient of the Kelli Hammond Memorial Pike County Kiwanis Club Scholarship presented next on the impact the scholarship had on him.

“This scholarship is so much more meaningful to me because I realized the value of it,” Clemmons said. “It helped me further my education and motivated me to focus on it more. I want to leave a legacy, but I had to figure out what was my calling. With this support, it allowed me to test out a few areas until I landed on a fit that was right for me.”

Maddie Hendrix, GSC junior and recipient of the Red Edwards Memorial Pike County Kiwanis Club Scholarship spoke after Clemmons on the impact the scholarship had on her.

“This scholarship allowed me to not have to go straight from class to a job in order to support myself through school. Because of this scholarship, I’m able to get more involved in clubs and around the campus,” Hendrix said. “By being more involved, I was able to step into roles that helped me in various aspects including public speaking. It’s an intricate part of my college career. In addition, with the help of this scholarship, I was able to give back to the community with more volunteer opportunities.”

GSC President, Dr. Kirk A. Nooks concluded the event and said the focus of this celebration is more so to encourage individual conversation and “to inspire a personal bond between a donor and their scholarship recipient(s).” Nooks said it is “an opportune meeting that would most often never otherwise happen.”

“I want to take a moment to say, ‘thank you.’ First, thank you to all our donors because without your generosity and the gifts you’ve provided, it could very well be that the student you’re sitting next to wouldn’t be here at Gordon. You are making a difference with your contribution, and I can guarantee you the students are grateful,” Nooks said. “Students, we are always grateful and thankful for you. Thank you for being our shining examples and keeping Gordon State College at the forefront of your mind.”

The following are scholarship donors and GSC student recipients present at the event:

· George Hightower, Jr. with the Hightower Family Scholarship

o Recipients Sydney Davis and Kimberly Hatfield

· Rev. Dr. Bob Patterson with the Meriwether County Rotary Club Scholarship

o Recipient Robert Read

· Holly Cantrell for Kevin Huffstetler with the Pike County High School Scholarship

o Recipient Abby Kinard

· Byrd Garland, Esq. and wife with the Tyler Garland Scholarship

o Recipient James Crosby

· Joe Edwards, Sr. with the J. Joel Edwards Scholarship

o Recipients Aryn Baucomb and Emma Mixon


Additional scholarship representatives included Faye Perdue with the Clark-Tidwell Scholarship, Isaac English with the Buster Duke Memorial Daughtry Foundation Scholarship, and Sherrelle Ogletree with a scholarship that is in the process of being established in honor of her late husband, Craig Ogletree.


Other GSC scholarship student recipients present include:

· Carolan Reid—Larry & Glenna Waller Scholarship

· Jessica Rinehart—Charles & Carolyn Connell Scholarship

· Jazmine Simpson—Barnesville Rotary Club Scholarship

· Reese Holton—Rosemary Evans Scholarship


“Educated people bring sophistication, knowledge, and reason into the larger civic discourse. Gordon’s programs and opportunities help move the educational needle forward,” White said.