Couple Met At Gordon During Club Day

Katie Odegaard and Brandon French
Katie Odegaard and Brandon French

Gordon State College graduates Katie Odegaard and Brandon French met at a GSC Club Day event back in 2014 and have remained together since that special day seven years ago.

"In classic sister fashion, I was waiting for my brother, president of the (Outdoor Adventure) club, to leave so I could sign up,” Katie said of that moment back in 2014. “Brandon was the vice president and he was at the booth when I came by."

After Katie joined, Brandon had a strong feeling that she would attend the meeting of the club.

"Though Katie said she might not join, I assumed she probably would since her brother was the current president,” Brandon said. “Unsurprisingly, she was at our first meeting."

Now Katie and Brandon are moving back to Georgia to work as teachers at the prestigious Brookwood School in Thomasville.

A United States Navy veteran, Brandon completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in 2016 and Katie completed a Bachelor of Science degree in biology in 2017 from GSC.

Katie and Brandon each just finished graduate programs in Nebraska and Katie — who is officially known as Dr. Odegaard — has a Ph.D. in neuroscience while Brandon has a master’s degree in ministry.

Beginning this fall, Brandon will teach 11th grade and 12th grade English while Katie will be teaching 8th grade physical science, environmental science and marine biology.

Their plan was always to come back to Georgia. Brandon explained that even when he was far away, he always thought of Georgia as home.

“There is so much to explore and so much history to learn about the region,” Brandon said. “Thomasville has an early 20th century synagogue and the Jack Hadley Black History Museum that's been recognized by the state legislature for its importance to preserving the region's history. Katie has a small, close family in Georgia that has always offered her love and support.

Katie agreed.

“I never intended to anchor myself anywhere outside of Georgia.”