Gordon Launches Emerging Leaders Program

Gordon State College launched the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) for new and freshmen students Wednesday. ELP will serve as an introductory leadership development experience. 

Last year, the college launched Student Leadership Academy (SLA) in August of 2019. SLA serves returning and upperclassman with advanced leadership experiences and currently has 28 students participating in the Fall 2020 cohort.  

The Emerging Leaders Program is intended to serve as a pathway for students to become engaged and involved student leaders on campus.  The program will assist new and freshmen students as they explore and develop their own leadership potential through the completion of personal and leadership self-assessments, values exploration, and practice leadership skill through program activities.

“I am excited for the launch of the inaugural Emerging Leaders Program, the college’s introductory leadership development experience for freshmen and new students,” said Dean of Students Matthew Robison.  “ELP is an introductory leadership experience which covers foundational leadership concepts such as: leadership styles, leadership and ethics, and leadership and diversity. 

"The goal is for students to explore that inner leader that is located within them. ELP teaches that all students have great leadership potential! In addition, we hope ELP gets students excited to become involved and engaged student leaders on campus.”   

The ELP curriculum will encourage new and freshmen students to establish supportive relationships with peers and faculty and integrate into the Highlander family. Throughout the experience, students will reflect on leadership ideas and what it means to be an effective leader.  

As part of Gordon State’s five-year strategic plan, Building the Power of WE!, the Emerging Leaders Program embodies each of the plan’s strategic imperatives as the program builds a collaborative campus culture, promotes student excellence throughout the academic journey and strengthens community engagements and partnerships. ELP will meet every-other Wednesday through November 18 with each session lasting an hour and a half.