New Spirit Mark Mascot to be Unveiled Ties in Gordon History, Fresh Look on Familiar Friend

- Mascot - noun / mas-cot / `ma-,skät. By definition, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary (and they’ve been around since 1828, so we trust them), a mascot is "any person, animal or object adopted by a group as a symbolic figure especially to bring them good luck."

Well, that sums up exactly what Gordon State College is bringing to a venue near you soon. But you'll need to take a trip back in time and then march forward with us as the buildup culminates in the new spirit mark and mascot for Highlanders' Athletics plus Student Life and Recreation.

Gordon's school colors have changed over the different eras of the institution – ranging from red and white to the current blue and white. Gordon has also seen its share of mascots – General, Bulldog, Wolf and Highlander – that represent the pride and determination of the institution during its storied history. Move ahead to the 21st century and the definition of a mascot can mean someone running around in an unidentifiable furry green outfit or a college student working for meal money while dressed up as a lion or tiger or bear (oh, my). Either way, the mascot is looked upon as something to bring good luck.

But the modernization of the mascot can probably be described in one word: branding. Branding took off over the past 10 years and has meant everything from how an insurance company distinguishes itself in a competitive marketplace to – yes, that's right – how a mascot is the personification of a school's image. Blend branding with a college mascot and you give the campus, alumni and local community something to rally around and work for the common goal.

For hints, via video history and clues, visit A new episode airs Friday with more clues for students, alumni and the GSC community to guess to win prizes. The reveal in scheduled to be announced in early August.

So get ready for a ride from Gordon’s founding in 1852 right up until the unveiling of the Highlanders' latest and greatest creation in 2020. You're going to like this…