White Elected to Serve as KRAAC Vice Chair

By: Katheryne A. Fields, Director of Marketing

Jeff White, associate professor for health and physical education at Gordon State College’s School of Education, was elected to serve as the Vice Chair for the Kinesiology Regents Academic Advisory Committee (KRAAC).

jeff white
The committee’s general functions include serving as an advisory to the University System of Georgia’s
(USG) office in matters dealing with kinesiology as well as reviewing curriculum, programs of instruction
and making recommendations within the areas of physical education, health education, recreation,
athletic training, exercise sciences and sport and fitness management.

Members share insight and expertise and include full-time professors, associate professors, assistant
professors, deans, department heads, chairs or program directors from the respective 26 colleges and
universities within the USG. Each institution within the USG is permitted one vote on any matter
brought before the committee and the vote is cast by the official representative of the institution.
White, who has taught at Gordon State College for the past 19 years, has served as a KRAAC representative for GSC for the past eight years. The committee meets annually and the vice chair is elected annually and carries out the duties of the chair in the absence of the chair.

“It came as a surprise to see my name on the ballot,” White said. “It was an honor to be nominated by my peers within the USG level.”