Renovation to Start on Academic Building in Late Summer

Academic Building

Work will begin in late summer on improvements to the Academic Building on the east side of the Gordon State College campus.

The 28,500 square foot building, which was built in 1982, will undergo a complete renovation and interior modification of both floors.

Classrooms will be reduced from 12 rooms to nine with three classrooms converted into an open study area for students while the faculty offices will be refreshed and updated . A portion of classroom space on the second floor will become study and student lounge space with underutilized labs converted to larger, more flexible lecture spaces.

The interior of the building will also receive finish upgrades, including paint, carpet, and lighting.

The exterior of the building will undergo no major alterations.

The work is expected to take 10-12 months to complete. While the work is underway, offices will be temporarily relocated and classes, usually held in the Academic Building, will be held elsewhere.

“We are accommodating everyone, especially the students, during the renovation and there will be very little disruption,” said Richard Vereen, GSC Director of Facilities. “Once complete, it will be a fresh, new learning environment.”