Gordon State College Launches Strategic Plan Supported by ‘The Power of We’

Today Gordon State College is launching a Strategic Plan, a guiding document, for the next five years.

The plan, which plays on collaboration or “The Power of We” to achieve its goals, will be used across campus to guide investment, enable excellence, and drive allocation of resources.

“The Gordon State College Strategic Plan is the culmination of a year’s worth of data analysis, feedback sessions, college and community engagement,” said Gordon State College President Kirk A. Nooks. “The plan’s imperatives reflect what is possible when the faculty, staff, students, and community accepts the challenge of creating a stronger Gordon.”

In late 2018 Gordon launched a planning process to develop a new vision and strategic imperatives for the next five years. The planning process was led by a steering committee composed of faculty and staff and driven by data and input from the campus community.

“The strategic planning was a time when all faculty, staff, and administration came together,” said Margie Wright, steering committee member of professor of nursing. “We all had one goal for the college we love. We had the opportunity to plan its future growth and what we wanted the community and world to know about our college as it continues to flourish!”

From this committee came three Strategic Imperatives with accompanying objectives that will drive the plan.

  • Establish a distinctive identity built on a collaborative campus culture supported by our institutional values.
  • Promote student excellence throughout the academic journey
  • Strengthen community engagement and partnerships

The “Power of We” and strategic planning extends to the Gordon State College Foundation.

“The Gordon State College Foundation has also developed a five year strategic plan aimed at supporting the College, its students, and the communities Gordon State serves,” said GSC Foundation Executive Director Montrese Adger Fuller. “Together, the plans will help steer Gordon State, its students, and the communities it serves to a successful future.”

Steering committee members included Wendy Byrd, Winsome Chang, Lisa Ferguson, John Head Jeff Knighton, Britt Lifsey, Rachel Mittelman, Austin Neil, Kirk A. Nooks, Elizabeth Pollock, Beth Pye, Jim Rickerson, Craig Soaries, Rhonda Toon, Jessica Traylor, Nicole Vanderbush, and Margie Wright.

Strategic guidance and facilitation was provided by Greg Wilson, Rebecca McIver, Sid Johnson and Jan Coyne of the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia.

“It was a great honor to support President Nooks and Gordon State College on this important project. This data-driven plan developed with input from campus and community stakeholders positions the institution for future success,” said Wilson.

A complete copy of the plan is available for viewing at http://bit.ly/GSCStrategicPlan