Using Data to Best Serve Students

Members of the Gordon State College Academic Council recently spent the day mining data to learn how best to continue serving its students.

The council and others first heard from Britt Lifsey, GSC Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, who shared data concerning student retention, degrees awarded and other information.

“Gordon State College is on its way to developing a strategic plan that will benefit the college, community, and most importantly, the students,” said Gordon State College President Kirk A. Nooks. “The data shared was eye opening and will allow the college to think strategically and effectively moving forward to enhance our academic programs.”

The council then heard from Tristan Denley, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer at the University System of Georgia, who discussed data concerning Gordon’s nursing program and what is and isn’t working.

Denley told the group of faculty, staff, and administration that they needed to continue to study the data and “…continue to make the program as productive as possible.”

“I’m a firm believer that as an access institution if we admit a student, we are morally obligated to do all in our power to help that student succeed.  By taking a deep look into the data today, we find that many of our students are flourishing; unfortunately, we also find that many are not,” said Jeff Knighton, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. “The value of a day like today is we can begin to pinpoint which students need more help from us, and that knowledge can lead to target interventions to help more of our students be successful in completing their degrees.”