GSC, Barnesville Fire Department, Police Department Team Up for Learning and Burning

Gordon State College, the Barnesville Fire Department, and the Barnesville Police Department are teaming up for some training and property clearing.

On Friday, Oct. 26 and Saturday, Oct. 27, the fire department will train at a house on property Gordon State owns at 225 Holmes Street. Friday is primarily classroom training and site preparation while the small house and shed on the property will be burned on Saturday.

“This is a great opportunity for the fire department to conduct a live fire training session,” said Barnesville Fire Chief Kelvin Chute. “We learn on the job with every fire we fight, but being able to work in a controlled environment allows us to train for specific things that happen during a fire.”

The house, which is adjacent to the northeast side of the GSC campus, was slated for demolition and working with the City is a win-win situation, according to Dr. Kirk A. Nooks, Gordon State College President.

“We are pleased to be able to partner with the fire department and the Barnesville Police Department,” Nooks said. “We were going to clear the property, and they needed a training location, it is a great thing for all.”

The department delivered letters to all neighbors in the immediate area informing them of the plans, but others may be concerned when they see activity in the neighborhood.

“For safety reasons, we are closing the street from 306 Holmes to College Drive and from the lower end of Lee Street to Holmes,” Chute said. “There will probably be some preparation at the site on Friday, but the live fire training will get underway at 8 Saturday morning.”

The Barnesville Police Department will be on hand to assist with traffic control, according to Chute.

The College has no immediate plans for the property.