Gordon State College is going international as it celebrates International Education Week.

During the week of Nov. 5-9 participating faculty and administrative offices will be “passport stations” for countries like Turkey, South Korea, Ireland, and Greece. Throughout the week, students will have the opportunity to visit different offices to have their “passport stamped”  and learn a little about each country.

 There will also be other culture-based activities for students throughout the week.  

 “I thought it was just an education information week about global cultures. Now I understand it’s also a way to generate interest in international study and to convince those sitting on the fence that other cultures aren’t so bad,” said GSC student Nathan Guy.

 The Highlander Dining Hall is participating by featuring international foods through the week.  

“All students can really benefit from this event by having the chance to submerse into a completely new culture,” said Lauren Guy, a GSC psychology major. “I personally want to gain insight into what constitutes social norms in other countries compared to the U.S.”

 Gordon State College has a robust travel abroad program that allows students to travel while earning education credits.

 “College is fundamentally about broadening and deepening one’s perspective,” said  Dr. Richard Baskin, Interim Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, Professor of English and Coordinator of International Education Week. Immersion in another culture can add immeasurably to our lives and to the lives we touch.”