GSC Honors Highlander EDGE Award Winners

Gordon State College recognized and honored its best and brightest students recently with the first ever Highlander EDGE Awards.

There were student-athletes, soon-to-be teachers, and nurses, biology and English majors and at least one recognized for helping others succeed.

Selected by faculty, students with the Highlander EDGE are Engaged innovators, Dedicated scholars, Gifted communicators, and Ethical leaders.

"Each of you has proven you can achieve academic success," Interim GSC President Stuart Rayfield told the students, faculty, family, and friends gathered for the ceremony. "You are scholars taking advantage of and engaging in your studies. Congratulations to each of you."

Each Highlander EDGE honoree was, in turn, able to select and honor the faculty member that most impacted their studies and time at Gordon State.

At times emotional, students honored faculty for caring, being there and gently pushing them to succeed.

In honoring his faculty selection, Candace Carroll, a math lecturer, Ryan Shackelford said, "I don't think I'd be here if it weren't for you. You are an amazing teacher."

Shackelford is the outstanding student in Learning Support.

Hanna Baitey, honored with the Highlander EDGE in Business and Public Service, selected Alan Burstein, Professor of Business as the faculty member who has most influenced her.

"You are my mentor and true friend," she said.

Other Highlander EDGE recipients and their faculty honorees included:

Outstanding male and female athletes Spencer Douches - Highlander baseball Coach Travis McClanahan

Shelby Sims - Dr. Richard Schmude, Professor of Chemistry

Outstanding Resident Assistant: Kathryn Lamb - Patricia Stewart, Professor of Nursing

Outstanding student in Learning Support: Ryan Shackleford - Candace Carroll, Lecturer of Mathematics

Outstanding student in Biology and Physical Sciences: Justin Serna - Amanda Duffus, Associate Professor of Biology

Outstanding student in Business and Public Service: Hanna Baity - Dr. Alan Burstein, Professor of Business

Outstanding student in Humanities and Fine Arts: Cassidy Liddell - Ed Whitelock, Professor of English

Outstanding student in History and Political Science: David Grau - Tom Hill-Aiello, Professor of History

Outstanding student in Math and Computer Science: Leslee Langley - Dr. Allen Fuller, Professor of Mathematics

Outstanding student in School of Nursing and Allied Health: Jessica Leonard - Wendy Martin, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Outstanding student in School of Education: Julia Whitt - Dr. Richard Schmude, Professor of Chemistry

Outstanding student in Honors Program: Annastacya Carey - Dr. Myles Sedgwick, Chemistry Lecturer

Outstanding student in Student Success: Riley Fuller - Dr. Greg Hartman, Professor of Biology

GSC Outstanding Scholar - Honored by the Georgia General Assembly: Riley Fuller