GSC Theatre Presents Original Work 'Our Brave New World'

The Gordon State College Theatre is presenting an original work, Our Brave New World.

The show opens Wednesday and continues through Friday at 7:30 each night on the stage of the Gordon State College Fine Arts Theatre.

Our Brave New World is the work of students enrolled in the Devised Theatre colloquium taught by Laura King.

Devised theatre is a form of theatre in which the script derives from collaborative, improvisatory work by a group of people. Each person in the group serves as both playwright and performer.

Students in this colloquium chose to explore the theme of current social challenges. They wrote monologues, poems, scenes, and songs inspired by this theme and formatted them into a script. After completing the writing phase of the project, the students then segued into the role of actors, staging and rehearsing the final performance piece.

The ensemble includes students LaTrez Anderson, Timyra Brantley, Connewulu Kuyateh, Malik Buckle, Nathaniel Rogers, Lisa Barrett, James Hammack, Ashley Cannon, Joshua Lowry, Nicole Suggs, Bintou Cisse, Minuzza Dodson, Amber Patterson, Tayler Ledwick, Georgia Cone, Emily Deed, Joba Duke, Caleb Johnson, Jacob Rivera, Chris Waller.

Professor Tony Pearson leads the design team while Professor Lisa Ferguson serves as producer.

Tickets for the public are available at the door and are $5 for seniors and students under 12 and $10 for adults.