Earn a Degree Online

Thu Dec 07 00:00:00 EST 2017


Gordon State College is making it easier to earn a degree.

Gordon offers entirely online, blended and hybrid course options to allow students to complete the equivalent of an associate degree or earn a bachelor's degree in Nursing, Human Services or Management and Administration.

"Online learning offers students the opportunity to earn credit towards a degree without having to attend classes on a campus," said Ric Calhoun, assistant vice president for Innovative Education and Strategic Initiatives. "This is perfect for someone who wants to earn a degree while navigating around work hours or other responsibilities."

Students can enroll in Gordon State online courses taught exclusively by Gordon professors or enroll in eCore Courses which are taught by professors within the University System of Georgia. Credits earned under either program are fully transferable.

"Everyone has the potential to learn in an online course, but it can be different from courses taught in a classroom," Calhoun said. "We have even designed a questionnaire to help determine how well someone might align with online learning."

Calhoun recommends that prospective students visit gordonstate.edu/elearning to learn more about Gordon's offerings and how to get started with online learning.