Gordon State College Professor of English Stephen Raynie Honored by USG

Tue Apr 04 00:00:00 EDT 2017


Gordon State College Professor of English Stephen Raynie was honored Friday night with the 2017 Felton Jenkins Jr. Hall of Fame Faculty Award for state colleges for the University System of Georgia. Raynie was among several honored by the USG during the annual Regent's Scholarship Gala.

"The committee felt that it was evident in your teaching statement, letters, and artifacts that not only are you dedicated to the success of your students, but you have thoughtfully designed your courses to support and encourage their growth as students and individuals," said Robert E. Anderson, interim executive vice chancellor and chief academic officer for the University System of Georgia, in a letter to Raynie. "For example, students mentioned not only their learning, but learning how to learn in your classroom. Your commitment is further supported by your accessibility to all students, and your recognition of the importance of one-on-one interactions with students who may need extra help. The committee also noted that you have spent your career at Gordon State supporting student success and modeling your teaching to best meet the needs of your students."

Gordon State College President Max Burns admires Raynie's dedication to the College and its students.

"Dr. Steve Raynie is an exemplary scholar/teacher. His ability to innovate and utilize engaging techniques to enhance the learning process is amazing," said Burns. "The best part about Steve's work is that he shares his ideas and techniques enthusiastically with colleagues so students can benefit from his efforts even when they may be in another faculty member's course."

Raynie said he was deeply humbled to be recognized.

"We are here to serve the students," he said. "It's their success that makes our work worthwhile."

Raynie earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois, a master's degree at the University of Missouri - Kansas City and Ph.D. at Louisiana State University.

He joined the Gordon State College Faculty in 2001 and specializes in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature and English/Language Arts Pedagogy, and his teaching fields include Composition, Pedagogy, British Literature surveys, Renaissance British Literature and Eighteenth-Century British Literature. He has published in national peer-reviewed journals and presented at numerous conferences.

Raynie lives in Barnesville with his wife and children.