Some Walls Surrounding Gordon State College Campus Being Removed

Mon Mar 20 00:00:00 EDT 2017


Work has begun on taking down some of the brick walls that surround the Gordon State College campus, opening up views of the beautiful grounds and removing what was perceived to separate east and west campus.

"This is part of the Master Plan that was adopted in November 2015," said Tamara Boatwright, GSC Public Information Officer. "It is one of four principles of the Plan that will improve connectivity between the east and west side of the 235-acre campus, promoting the area as 'one campus.'"

Some of the walls along Spencer Street -- in front of the Nursing and Allied Health Sciences Building, Melton Hall, across College Drive behind the Fine Arts building and a short section of Stafford Avenue, near its intersection with College Drive - were removed last week during Spring Break while students were off campus.

Other areas on campus will be addressed in the future.

The overall goal of the Master Plan calls for promoting consistency of quality among different program environments and facilities; strengthen the campus with strategic renovations that promote academic collaboration and facility upgrades, and establishing a cohesive arrival experience along College Drive.

The complete Master Plan is available for viewing on the Gordon State College website at