Freshmen to be Welcomed to Campus Next Week with President's Convocation Seminar and a 'Mission'



It's been a tradition at Gordon State College and many other colleges for years. Freshmen gather at the beginning of the academic year, faculty in full regalia march in, and a series of speakers welcome the freshman during Convocation.

This year at Gordon State College, Convocation will be a little different.

Freshmen will still gather and they will be officially welcomed to Gordon State College, but they will leave the "President's Convocation Seminar" with an assignment to take advantage of opportunities offered across campus.

"We want our students to develop not only academic skills, we want our students to also develop personal skills. We want them to really be a part of Gordon State College and to experience all that this vibrant campus has to offer," said President Max Burns.

Starting next week students have three chances to gather with Burns as well as Provost Dr. Jeff Knighton and Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Dennis Chamberlain. At the conclusion of the greeting, students will be given a Highlander Passport that gives them 10 opportunities to connect with Gordon both academically and personally.

A scavenger hunt of sorts, the passport requires that a student take advantage of at least seven of the 10 opportunities listed before Wednesday, Nov. 23.

Some of the opportunities include meeting with their academic advisor and establishing a plan for academic success, attending a cultural event on campus, visiting the Career Services Center or attending an athletic event or activity.

"We think this will give our newest students an opportunity to see all that Gordon State College has to offer them," said Burns. "And they'll probably have some fun while completing their 'mission.'"