Asteroid Named After Gordon Professor



An asteroid discovered in 2000 has been named after Gordon State College chemistry professor and amateur astronomer Richard Schmude.

"I feel so very honored by this," Schmude said.

Schmude Asteroid, formerly known as 2000 EY3 was discovered 16 years ago by the Catalina Sky Survey. Schmude says it takes a while for objects to be named and he does not know who chose to give his name to this particular object.

"I hope I can find out and thank them," he said.

The information on Schmude/2000 EY3 notes that he is a professor at Gordon State College and has served as coordinator for five observing sections in the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO), as executive director and associate director.

Schmude has also received the ALPO Walter Haas and the Peggy Haas awards given to an amateur astronomer for excellence in observational solar system astronomy and for outstanding service to the organization.

Continuing as an active member in ALPO, he is currently measuring the brightness of the planets.

Schmude was featured in the Gordon State College President's Report magazine in 2010. To learn more about Schmude and his love of the sky cut and paste the following to your browser window.