Morrow Addresses Gordon State College Freshman Class



Guest Speaker Dick Morrow, Student Government Vice President Brenisha Nunn, SGA President Shavada Williams and Gordon State College President Max Burns

In his address to the freshman class at Gordon State College on Wednesday, Dick Morrow told the 1,100 students that "College can be, and often is, a critical part of your life."

"Do well here, complete your degree and a great career can blossom," Morrow, a member of the Griffin City Commission, told the students. "If you do well here and complete your degree, a great career can blossom. Do badly here and life can be much more difficult."

Wednesday was the 12th Annual Freshman Convocation, an event that brings together the freshman class and faculty attired in full regalia.

"You will see us dressed like this twice in your time here at Gordon State College," said President Max Burns. "Today as freshmen at convocation, and again at the conclusion of your time here, when you graduate."

Morrow borrowed from Aesop's fable, The Turtle and the Hare, telling students that turtles do win.

"I've done many dumb things in my life, and if it were not for the turtle in me, I'd have been stuck in a mess. Life is like that, we all make mistakes. Your lives won't always be easy, but you correct those mistakes and move on. Change happens, you adapt, you never quit."

Morrow told of his very humble beginnings on a farm in Iowa, his struggles in school and achieving his dream of becoming a pilot in the U.S. Air Force.

"Being a fighter pilot is the best job anyone could ever have. Had I given up through those nine-and-a-half years, I would never have made it to my dream," he said. "Years of flying and the opportunity to get a combat fighter pilot tour in Vietnam would have never happened. It was a dream come true."