Help Evaluate Hightower Furniture Options



Gordon State College students, faculty and staff have a unique opportunity to evaluate furniture options, including new chairs, which may be used in the Hightower Library once renovations are completed.

Five chair options are on display outside of the library's temporary home on the first floor of the Instructional Complex.

Everyone is encouraged to stop by the library services office and complete a survey regarding their favorite choices.

"I have spent time in the library here on campus," said Jerion Woods, freshman business major. "The renovations will be great. I can see students, coming from a long class, spending time relaxing and studying in one of these chairs."

Originally built in 1978, the library will be an updated and modern space for studying and research once renovations are complete in mid-2016. Faster wireless connectivity and 40 new desktop computer units will be included in the redesign.

"It is important to us that students feel welcome. Twenty new individual and group study rooms will be added. We're also increasing the number of windows in the building, bringing in more natural light," said Dr. Sonya Gaither, library director. "Everything about the building will be open and inviting."