Do Your Part to Prevent Thefts

Since Jan. 12, the Gordon State College Police Department has received four reports of entering auto and/or burglary on campus. Three of these thefts were from motor vehicles and one was from a resident's room. At this same time last year, no such offenses had occurred.

Of these thefts:

All of the thefts from vehicles involved the theft of valuables left in plain view;
All of the thefts from vehicles were confirmed to be from unsecured vehicles;
The burglary from a resident room involved unsecured and unattended items;

These thefts are preventable!

If you leave your laptop or phone plugged in to charge in a common area unattended, there is a good chance your items will get stolen. If you leave your purse next to your desk in an unsecured and unattended office, it is likely that someone will take advantage of the opportunity and take your property. If you leave your laptop and/or other valuables in your book bag in plain view within your vehicle, the chances of someone pulling on your door handle to find an unsecured vehicle or entering your vehicle by breaking your window are considerably high.

Gordon State College police officers make considerable efforts to assist in making the campus as safe as possible, but to be truly successful requires a partnership with everyone who visits, works or attends classes on our campus. Just by taking a few simple steps, such as locking doors and storing items out of sight, many thefts of the types mentioned above can easily be prevented. Safety and security does present a degree of inconvenience, but taking the time to keep your property safe is well worth the effort.

We continue to encourage everyone to contact the Gordon State College Police Department immediately at 678.359.5111 if you become aware of suspicious individuals or circumstances on campus. Please do not wait until later to give us a call.