Gordon State College Celebrates Fall 2014 Graduation

Joe Edwards, CEO for United Bank Corporation, told the Gordon State College Fall 2014 graduates that while preparing his address to them, he examined his own beliefs.

Included in those beliefs, he said, is that everyone should practice a strong work ethic, build a strong relationship with God, and value relationships.

"The only way to have a friend is to be a friend," Edwards said. "I urge you to be a friend and take good care of your friends."

He also asked the graduates to stay current with the information age, but not at the expense of losing a connection with nature.

"Know which stars and planets are over head," he said. "Nature is ever changing and ever constant. Nature can provide a grounding place when you need balance in your life."

Diplomas were awarded to 113 participating graduates of the 234 member class during the ceremony held in Alumni Memorial Hall.

One of those graduates was Crystal Skipper who celebrated with her husband Kyle, 3-year-old son, Oakley, and other family members after the ceremony.

Skipper earned a degree in Health Information Management.

"This really means a lot," said Skipper. "I started out in nursing and found out it was not for me. About that time Gordon started offering this degree and it was perfect."

A special ceremony was held immediately after graduation to honor Gordon's graduating nurses.

As their family and friends looked on, the 43-member class received their pins, recited the Florence Nightingale pledge and lit their lamps. The lamps symbolize the one used by Nightingale to light the way as she made her rounds nursing the sick.

Class member Sherina Gibbs won the certificate of achievement for Outstanding Perseverance while Renee Jacobs won the Excellence of Nursing award.

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