Gordon State College Observes Roll Call

Chris Deal, Anne Purvis, Brian Lassetter, Lewis Covin, Max Burns

Gordon State college alumnus Lewis Covin told a crowd gathered on Lambdin Green Tuesday that 46 years ago he was a young cadet in a wool uniform marching in the pouring rain in a Veteran's Day Parade in downtown Barnesville.

"And we smelled like a pack of wets dogs," he said.

Guests, students, faculty and staff gathered at Gordon to commemorate National Roll Call, a project which began on Nov. 11, 2011 when thousands at more than 180 colleges and universities came together and demonstrated their commitment to remembering those who, as President Lincoln described, "…gave their last full measure of devotion" while serving our country.

Special guest speaker for the event was Lt. Col. Brian Lassetter, commander of the 1-108th Cavalry, Georgia Army National Guard.

"Right now there are 1.4 million men and women that fill the ranks of our formation. When you think about it, for the last 14 years…our nation has been at war. Every one of your sons and daughters answered when the beat of the war drum was at its loudest," Lassetter told the crowd. "When you think about it from a voluntary force standpoint, it's one thing to say I'm serving, it's another thing to say at the same time we're expected to send people into harm's way, I raise my hand and I enter or I extend and re-enlist So when you see someone who is serving, think about that and remember that's the dedication they have made to our country."

Also speaking was Anne Purvis, dean of the school of nursing and a veteran of the U.S. Airforce. Purvis shared her recollections of serving at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines and at Wiesbaden in Germany.

The event closed with the playing of taps by Gordon music major Andrew Price.