Gordon State College Launches New Web, Graphic Identity

Gordon State College launched its new web site and graphic identity today.

The site is part of a new graphic identity that integrates the web, advertising, campus publications and some on-campus features into a cohesive, bolder look with a Go Gordon theme.

"This has been a long, arduous process that has involved almost every department on campus," said Rhonda Toon, vice president of Advancement. "Information technology has worked particularly hard with a developer to freshen and improve our website, while advancement worked with a designer to freshen our graphic identity."

"We are launching the site while it is still being tweaked a bit," Toon said. "We are swapping out photos and making sure all the many links to the thousands of pages are active. Bear with us as we make sure all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted. And even when all that is done, the improvements will continue. A good web site is really always a work in progress. "

Campus visitors will soon see new pole banners across campus that reflect the new, bolder Go Gordon look.

"We hope everyone likes the new look," Toon said. "We think it really reflects our campus and our work here."