New Bachelor Degree Program Already Drawing Applicants

Just two days after it was announced that Gordon has added a new four year degree program, it has one of its first applicants.


Jackie Lovejoy, who has worked in the business office at Gordon for 17 years, was ecstatic when she heard Wednesday that Gordon had been approved to add a Bachelor of Science in Management and Administration to its list of four-year degrees.

In 2008 Lovejoy graduated from Gordon with an Associate of Science in Business Administration. Earning that degree set her on the path to earn a bachelor's degree, but doing so required very long days of balancing work hours and school hours.

"I put off going back to school for a while," said the Lamar County resident. "I would take a course here and there and when I earned my associate degree, I got a little more serious. But even then, life would get in the way and I would skip a semester. Now I can finish my degree close to home. I can focus more on school."

With support from her husband Clay, who plays saxophone in the Gordon State College Community Band, and her grown daughter Jillian, a chemist who lives in Carrollton, as well as supportive co-workers, Lovejoy sees nothing in her way now.

"I'm just so excited," she said. "I know there are a lot of people like me who can benefit from this new degree. Come on back, y'all, I'd love to be sitting next to you in class next fall."

Gordon State's BSMA is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in diverse areas demanded by an evolving regional labor force. The program also illustrates Gordon's continued commitment to the Complete College Georgia initiative.