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Information Technology Orientation - Banner Web

What is Banner Web?

Banner Web is Gordon State College's student information system. Banner Web gives students of Gordon State College access to their personal and academic information via the World Wide Web. Banner Web gives students the ability to check your application status, view grades and transcripts, check account balances and financial aid, register for classes, and much much more.

When do I get my Banner Web account?

After we have received your application to Gordon State College, you will receive a letter in the mail providing you with information for accessing your Banner Web account. Your Banner Web account will be available to you at this time, authorizing you to log in and check your application status and other important information.

What can I do when I log in to Banner Web for Students?

*Display your class schedule
*Add or drop classes if permitted
*View your holds
*Display your grades & transcripts
*Review Financial Aid requirements & awards
*View your charges and payments

Under the Personal Information you can:

*View your address(es)
*View your phone number(s)
*View your e-mail address(es)
*Change your PIN

How do I access Banner Web?

"How to" Video

Click the video below to watch a tutorial on how to log on to Banner Web for the first time.

Text Instructions

To access Banner Web, you will need your Gordon College ID (GCID) number. New applicants will be assigned a unique GCID number that will be mailed in a letter from the Computer Services Department. After you have received your GCID letter, follow the instructions printed on the letter or follow the same steps below for accessing Banner Web:

  1. Click 'Banner Web' from the bottom footer of any Gordon web page
  2. Enter the GCID number provided on your letter in the User ID text box
  3. Leave the PIN text box blank and click on forgotpin
  4. Answer the security question and click on submitans
  5. If you answered the question correctly, you should now see a screen allowing you to set your new permanent PIN number. Enter a new PIN of your choosing in the New PIN block (the PIN must be exactly 6 digits)
  6. Re-enter your new PIN.
  7. Click on resetpin button
  8. You will then be prompted to read a Terms of Usage. Read this statement and click the I Agree button if you agree to the Terms of Usage. If you don't agree click Exit.
  9. You will now be logged on to Banner Web

NOTE: Use the New PIN you selected for all future logins to BANNER WEB.

How do I check my application status?

Once you have received your GCID letter and have successfully logged on to Banner Web, you can check your application status by following the steps listed below:

  1. From the main menu click on 'Student'
  2. Click on 'Admissions' from the Student menu
  3. From the Admissions menu click on 'Application Status'
  4. Select the term for which you have applied to view updated information on where you are in the admissions process.

How can I view my Academic Summary?

  1. Logon to Banner Web for Students
  2. From the Banner Web main menu...
    1. Go to Student Services menu (you can click on tab across top of page or click on the "Student" link in menu)
    2. Click on Registration
    3. Click on View Academic Summary

I have enough aid to cover all my fees, so will my schedule be held?

Yes. Students with enough financial aid or scholarships to pay for all charges will automatically have their schedules held. Do not assume that you are in this category. In Banner Web view Check Registration Status to see if aid has held your schedule or if you still owe money. Money owed must be paid by the appropriate deadline, or your schedule will be dropped.

What if I forgot my PIN?

Follow the instructions found under the frequently asked question "How do I access Banner Web?" above.

How do I self-register (add/drop) classes?

  1. Choose the 'Student' Link
  2. Choose the 'Registration' link
  3. Choose the 'Add/Drop Classes' link
  4. If prompted, select appropriate Term and click Submit Term Button
  5. Enter CRNs (Course Reference Numbers) for your classes and click Submit Changes or click Class Search to locate classes
  6. When complete, use the Student Detail Schedule to review your schedule. At the bottom of the Student Detail Schedule is important information regarding your fees and payment deadlines. Be sure to print this page.

Where can I view my Schedule in Banner?

Under the Registration Menu you can choose Student Detail Schedule or Student Schedule by Day & Time.

Where can I check the amount that I owe in Banner?

Under the Registration Menu, choose Registration Fee Assessment.

-- OR --

Under the Financial Aid Menu choose My Award Information and then Account Summary By Term to see your charges. Financial Aid is posted to the account no earlier than 10 days before the term begins.

How do I make payments on Banner Web?

You can use your MasterCard or American Express credit card to pay your tuition and fees on Banner Web.

  1. Click on 'Student', then click on 'Registration', then 'Registration Fee Assessment'.
  2. Select the term and click on Submit Term.
  3. Click on the 'Credit Card Payment' link at the bottom of the Student Invoice Statement
  4. Enter your credit card information and press 'Submit Payment'
  5. To confirm your payment do one of the following:
    • Repeat Steps 1 & 2 above and verify your payment is shown as a 'Web Touchnet Payment' description on the Student Invoice Statement. --OR--
    • From the Banner MAIN MENU click on 'Student', then click Student Records, then 'Account Summary by Term'. Locate and verify that a Web Credit Card Payment (WEBC) detail code appears on your >account for the desired term.

Where do I check my grades?

To view your grades, follow these steps...

  1. Within Banner, click on the Student Menu, then click on Student Records
  2. Choose either Midterm Failing Grades or Final Grades.
  3. Select the term and click on Display Grades.
  4. Use your computer's printer to print your grades.

What do the different Grade Symbols mean in Banner?

% -- Learning Support. Grade is not included in academic GPA. Hours are not counted toward graduation.

* -- College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC). Course is designated to satisfy a CPC requirement in foreign language, natural science, or social science. Course does count in GPA and earned hours but does not count toward graduation.

%* -- Learning Support course designated to satisfy a College Preparatory Curriculum requirement (used with Learning Support English, reading, and math courses only).

@ -- Institutional Grade. Grade is not included in academic GPA. Hours are not counted toward graduation. This grade symbol is posted with GFYE grades only.

# -- Academic Renewal - Student retains credit for A#, B#, and C# classes, but the grades are not computed in the academic renewal GPA. Grades of D#, F#, and WF# are forgiven.

K -- Credit by examination –Advanced Placement or College Level Examination Program.

NR -- Not reported - final grade was not reported by the instructor.

T -- Transfer credit - Course was completed at another college or university and accepted as transfer credit by Gordon State College.

V -- Audit - Student does not receive a grade or credit for the course.

These symbols may be posted with the letter grades assigned to courses. For example, the grade A%* designates a Learning Support class used to satisfy a College Preparatory Curriculum English or math requirement. The grade TC indicates that the student received transfer credit for the class
which was transferred from another college.

How do I check my holds?

Click on the 'Student' Menu. Then choose the Student Records Menu. Then click on View Holds.

Where do I go to clear a hold?

  • Admission's Hold - Admissions Office - Lambdin Hall Rm 132
  • Business Office Hold - Business Office - Lambdin Hall Rm 230
  • Extension Hold - Admissions Office - Lambdin Hall Rm 132
  • Final Transcript Hold - Registrar's Office -Lambdin Hall Rm 126
  • Immunization Hold - Admissions Office - Lambdin Hall Rm 132
  • Library Hold - Hightower Library
  • Parking Ticket Hold - Public Safety (Gordon Hall)
  • Registrar Hold - Registrar's Office - Lambdin Hall Rm 126
  • Student Affair's Hold - Student Affairs - Lambdin Hall Rm 340

How do I change my mailing address in Banner Web?

Contact the Registrar's Office to update your address or telephone number. Lambdin Hall - Room 126, Phone: 678-359-5022, Fax: 678-359-5382