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Fort Valley State GAP (Gordon Access Program)

What is FVSU GAP?

Fort Valley State University and Gordon State College have collaborated to provide a point of access to higher education if you have been denied entry into Fort Valley State University. Once you complete the Program, you will be eligible to transfer to Fort Valley State University or any other institution in the University System of Georgia. FVSU GAP operates under the jurisdiction of Gordon State College.

The Wildcat Life

FVSU and GSC want you to feel at home on the FVSU campus and enjoy the Wildcat Life.  You are invited to be a part of student organizations, attend football games and other athletic events, and participate in student life and intramural sports.  Once you are a GAP student, you will also benefit from the same student services, such as health service and counseling, that FVSU students enjoy.

Other Information

How do I qualify?

To Qualify For FVSU GAP:

  • You must have applied to Fort Valley State University and been referred to the Gordon Access Program for this alternate admissions path.
  • You must have earned no prior, transferable college credit.
  • Gordon State College will evaluate your application to determine final acceptance. You must complete the consent form linked below in order for Gordon State College to evaluate your application. Acceptance is based primarily on your SAT or ACT scores and high school GPA.
  • Once you are officially accepted as a GAP student, you must read and sign the student contract (properly witnessed) and complete financial payments by the posted deadlines.
  • As part of your final acceptance, you must read and sign the student contract (properly witnessed) prior to being registered for courses.

FVSU GAP Consent Form

FVSU GAP Contract

To Continue in FVSU GAP:

  • In order to continue in the spring semester of the FVSU GAP, you must earn a minimum grade of C in all courses. This includes support course in the fall as well.
  • You must have paid any balance due by published deadlines.
  • You must also have followed the policies and procedures of Gordon State College and Fort Valley State University.

What courses will I take?

When you are in the program, you will take five courses in each term, fall and spring, plus the support courses and the student success class in the fall.  The curriculum plan is carefully designed to offer core classes that partially fulfill degree requirements and to optimize your chance for success. You may take only the courses designated in the FVSU GAP curriculum, and when you complete the program will have earned transfer credit toward a college degree.

Sample Schedule
  • English Composition I
  • Math Quantitative Skills and Reasoning*
  • Humanities
  • Health and Wellness
  • Political Science
  • FVSU 0100 (Fort Valley Freshmen Orientation Course)** 

** FVSU 0100 is a short, one-credit-hour course that is designed to help you succeed academically. 

You do not have to register for classes in FVSU GAP—we take care of that for you.

Our goal is to help motivate and prepare you for success at Fort Valley State University or any other institution of higher education.


As textbooks are selected for classes, you will be able to look up your required textbooks at the GSC Bookstore website under the "Find Your Books" section.  Follow the directions to have books or other required resources shipped directly to you.


How much does FVSU GAP cost?

Estimated Costs
  • Tuition* and Fees: $2,360
  • Housing: $2,595
  • Silver Meal Plan: $1,775
  • Estimated textbooks/supplies: $1,100
  • Total: $7,830
Housing and Meal Plan

You, and all other GAP students, will be housed in Wildcats Commons, 4 bedroom-2 bath suites, and will have the Silver Meal Plan plus $150 Wildcat Cash.

You must complete the paper FVSU GAP housing application (not the online application) and pay the non-refundable $200 room reservation to Gordon State College by June 1.

For more information other than the housing application process, visit the FVSU Residential Life website.  (Note that room and board charges may not have been updated for 2017-2018.)

FVSU Residence Life

How can I pay for FVSU GAP?

First, be aware that to make the process easier for you, all costs listed under How much does FVSU GAP cost? Will be paid to Gordon State College, which will transmit housing and meal plan funds to FVSU.

Second, understand that financial aid, including any loans chosen by you or your guardian, will not cover all of the costs that are part of a student attending college and living on campus.  Become familiar with the information available at the Gordon State College Bursar’s Office.  A good place to start is

Also be sure to explore the information about financial aid listed in the Financial Aid section below.  You will want to know costs and options well before Orientation, which is the deadline for paying charges.

Note that all fees in excess of financial aid must be paid by August 3.

Note: Any fines accrued as a student on the Fort Valley State University campus, such as a parking fine or lost key fee, must be paid directly to FVSU.

Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, follow this basic step-by-step process:

  1. Student files a FAFSA and includes Gordon State's institutional code: 001575 (or adds code to existing form).
  2. Student checks GSC email and GSC Banner Web for additional documents that may be needed.  If “verification” is required, complete as quickly as possible so that your financial aid can be processed.
  3. GSC sends financial aid award letter to student.
  4. Student accepts financial aid and completes entrance counseling.
  5. Student completes Master Promissory Note (MPN).  (Must wait 48 hours after accepting loan).


Banner Web

As a GAP student, you will access Gordon State College information about your balance due, financial aid, grades, and more through your Banner Web student account. For information about accessing Banner Web and other web-related information, a great resource is available at  Choose the first instructional video, “Students: GSC Technology Orientation Video,” for introductory information.

FVSU will share campus computer and web resource information at Orientation.

What academic support is available?

As a FVSU GAP student, you have free access to the same academic support resources as do FVSU students:

  • Your instructors: they can meet with you outside of class to guide your learning.
  • Your support labs/class: English Composition I and Quantitative Skills and Reasoning (college math) each come with a support course that meets twice a week in the fall semester.  These supplemental courses are designed to help students succeed in these classes that historically have proven to be important challenges to meet for first-year students. 
  • Free tutoring provided by FVSU Center for Retention.

You will also take FVSU 0100, a one hour per week academic support class that focuses on the transition from high school to college, study skills, and habits of success.

What's next?

FVSU GAP Orientation for Accepted Students

If you have received a letter of acceptance from Gordon State College for FVSU GAP, you are expected to participate in the Orientation on August 5.  Orientation will be held on the Fort Valley State Campus.  Accepted students will receive full details by mail and email.

The Fall 2018 Calendar is still under construction.

Whom can I contact?

For answers needed before the Orientation:

Overall program, courses and faculty, orientation: Dr. Stephen Raynie at Gordon State College, 678-359-5282.

Financial aid: GSC Financial Aid office 678-359-5990,

Paying charges: GSC Business Office, 678-359-5010,

Housing and meal plan details: Office of Housing and Residential Life, FVSU, 478-825-6100,


Email is an official means of communication for both GSC and FVSU—you are responsible for all information communicated by email.  You will have an email address for both institutions and should check each email account frequently (some during the summer; more often once classes start).  Your program coordinator and your instructors will provide you with further guidance on what to expect in email communications.

Once you have your student ID, you will be ready to access your email and change your password.  For GSC email information, go to FVSU will share email information at Orientation.