Student Bill of Rights

Students have the following rights:

  1. to attend classes during their regularly scheduled time without deviation from such time and without penalty if the student cannot attend an instructional hour not institutionally scheduled;
  2. to consult with an assigned advisor for a reasonable amount of time each semester;
  3. to reasonable transfer of the core curriculum within the University System;
  4. to consult with faculty outside of classroom time during regularly scheduled office hours or by appointment;
  5. to reasonable access to campus facilities which are required to complete course assignments and objectives;
  6. to receive at the beginning of each semester a syllabus for each course which outlines course objectives and requirements and to be informed of any changes in these syllabi;
  7. to receive access to any of their records kept by the institution (may be waived by students in certain cases like placement office records); and
  8. to be informed of the grade appeal process.