OneUSG Connect Frequently Asked Questions

This project, aimed at helping the system achieve goal six of the Board of Regents strategic plan, calls for attaining best-in-class efficiencies for our administrative support functions in the University System of Georgia.

What is the Shared Services Strategy?

Shared Services is the consolidation and streamlining of an organization's administrative support functions, such as payroll and accounts payable, into a "Shared Services Center" to ensure the most efficient and effective service delivery possible.

Why are we pursuing the Shared Services?

The shared services model will enable the University System to increase the quality and consistency of information, increase functionality and service to customers, facilitate the management and control of risk -- especially where one person is performing a critical function, and reduce costs through economies of scale. The most tangible benefits will be around processes, people, and technology.

What is OneUSG Connect?

OneUSG Connect is the company in which the Board of Regents has contracted with to implement the new Enterprise Human Resources System and Time & Labor System.

When was the new system implemented?

July 1, 2009

What changed with the new OneUSG Connect system?

  • New Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Manger Self Service (MSS)
  • Online Benefits System (BOSS)
  • OneUSG Connect Services (paycheck processing, on-line W-2, retiree billing, cobra billing)
  • Paperless payroll and benefits system

Who will be affected by the OneUSG Connect conversion?

Biweekly staff, monthly staff, faculty, student employees, retirees, and cobra participants.

Who do I contact for questions and/or support?

Human Resources/Payroll at 678-359-5011.

What is Employee Self Service (ESS)?

Employee Self Service allows employees to enter or update addresses, phone numbers, dependent information, set up direct deposits, enter emergency contacts, change tax with holdings, and view iPay (pay statements).

What is Manager Self Service (MSS)?

Manager Self Service will be used by managers/supervisors to perform job actions currently processed through the Personnel Action Form.

What is BOSS?

Boss (Benefits Outsourcing System) allows employees to enter or update benefit specific data for elections, dependents, family status changes, etc.

What is E-Time?

E-Time is used to process payroll. E-Time includes all aspects of data entry, editing, scheduling, and reporting of time.

Will I use the same employee ID number?

No. All employees will be assigned new employee ID numbers through ADP.

When will training take place?

Training will take place May 2009.

Who will need to be trained?

Identified managers and supervisors will go through Manager Self Service. (MSS)
Biweekly, monthly, and faculty will go through E-Time training to report hours worked and leave time. Department supervisors will train their student workers to use the timestamp method.

*Beginning late May, the Payroll department will be required to run payroll on both systems to ensure the new system yields the same result as the current system. This will involve everyone on campus who receives a paycheck. *

How will the conversion affect retiree billing?

OneUSG Connect will collect all benefit payments. Participants will no longer be able to make payments through Gordon State College.

How will the conversion affect COBRA participants?

OneUSG Connect will handle all COBRA activities, which includes payments.

How will paycheck disbursements be affected?

For employees on direct deposit, there will be no changes. Your paycheck will be direct deposited into your account on the scheduled pay dates.

For employees who are not on direct deposit, paychecks will be mailed from a OneUSG Connect processing center to your home address on record.