Manager Resources

Your role as a manager at Gordon State College is very important. The Human Resources Office is committed to assisting you with the supervisory role of your position. This information is not meant to be all inclusive; it contains some of the most commonly used resources.

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Shared Services, Payroll (877-251-2644)
Creche Navarro, Employee Engagement & Organizational Development Manager
Madelyn Brown, Director of HR
Amy Anderson, HR Coordinator

Payroll Resources

You may review a copy of the current year's payroll schedule located on the Payroll Schedule and Holidays website.


Hiring Information

GSC Hiring Guide - Faculty and Staff

Hiring Flowchart - Staff

Hiring Flowchart - Faculty

Interview Log - Faculty and Staff

Staff Employment Offer Worksheet

All hiring forms for Faculty are located on the Academic Affairs Forms website.


Exit Process

Once you are notified of an employee exiting his/her position, you will need to notify Human Resources and Academic Affairs (if applicable). If the employee is resigning, you will need to obtain a written resignation notice from the employee.

Any keys the employee was issued should be returned to Human Resources. Any library materials should be returned to Hightower Library.

You should complete the Computer Access Form - Employee Termination Checklist in order to remove the departing employee's computer access.



ADA Accommodations and Process

Affordable Care Act Resources

Telework and Flextime Policy

FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)

Hiring International Employees

Positive Discussion and Progressive Discipline Policy

Volunteer Policy

Other policies can be found on the Human Resources - Policies website.



All employees are required to undergo certain mandatory trainings as a condition of their employment. Trainings are completed in Desire2Learn. Once new employees are loaded, they will receive notification from Human Resources regarding required trainings and deadlines for completion. For more information about training and development, please see our Training and Development page here


Other Resources

Additional Resources

Leadership and Motivational Books Gordon State College is committed to developing leaders and leadership skills. The following list is comprised of ten top rated leadership and motivational books available at the Hightower Library. Check one out and begin or continue your leadership journey.