Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Department of Human Resources located?

We are located on the first floor of Lambdin Hall.

What do I need to do to change my name and/or address?

You can print the form from the Forms section of the Human Resources website. We also have forms available in our office. Please note, in order to change your name, we will need a copy of your updated Social Security Card.

Who should I contact for assistance with the Tuition Assistance Program?

Contact Creche Navarro, the TAP Coordinator, at or 678.359.5576.

How do I obtain information on available job vacancies?

Visit our employment website here.

What are the requirements for applying for job vacancies?

You will need to fill out an application on our employment website (listed above) and attach any required documentation. Requirements vary by job title and will be clearly defined in the job posting.

Who handles the job posting related requirements?

Amy Anderson, HR Coordinator

Who handles payroll issues?

USG Shared Services Center (1-877-251-2644 or

Who handles benefits issues?

Creche Navarro, Employee Engagement & Organizational Development Manager

What can I do to get another insurance card?

Insurance cards are mailed directly from Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield approximately 7 - 10 days after insurance coverage begins. If you have misplaced your current card, you can contact BCBS at 1. 800. 424. 8950 or you may visit  You can also view your insurance card information via Anthem's Sydney app.

What do I need to do to drop/add a dependent because of death, divorce, marriage, marriage of a dependent, attainment of maximum age, or because your spouse loses coverage because of loss of employment?

You have a 30 day limit from the qualifying event to submit the change in the Benefits System and upload proper documentation or you must wait until open enrollment.

What do I need to do to change my beneficiaries on my life insurance and retirement?

You can change your life insurance beneficiary on the Benefits website.  You will need to update retirement beneficiary information on the website of your retirement provider(s):  TRS, Corebridge, Fidelity and/or Corebridge.

Where do I go to get verification that my dependent is a full time student?

Verification can be received from the Registrar's Office of the school that your child is attending. You can also receive a report from a small fee.

How much am I paying for Health insurance and what type of plan did I enroll in?

This information is accessible on the Benefits website

When can I change my health plan or get more life insurance?

Open Enrollment is designated as the time that employees can make health and life insurance changes.

What holidays and how many do we get per year?

Eligible employees receive 13 paid holidays per year. A listing of the holidays for the year is on the Payroll Schedules and Holidays page of the Human Resources website.

Can we borrow from our retirement plan with Teacher's Retirement?

Employees cannot borrow from their Teacher's Retirement plan. Please contact the Teacher's Retirement System of Georgia at 1. 800. 352. 0650 for additional information.

How many vacation days or hours can I carry over into the next year?

Employees can carry over 45 days or 360 hours of vacation into the new calendar year.

Are we paid for accumulated sick leave if we terminate with Gordon State College?

A terminating employee shall not accumulate sick leave or be entitled to receive sick pay after the last working day of his/her employment.  However, any remaining balance of sick leave will count towards service requirements for employees under the Teachers Retirement System.

How many hours of vacation do I accrue per month?

1 to 5 years of service - 10 hours;
6 to 10 years of service - 12 hours;
Over 10 years of service - 14 hours

When are leave accruals posted to an employee's leave balance?

Leave is posted at the end of each month.

If I am out sick and do not have enough sick leave, can I use vacation time, if it is available?

Vacation time can be used in lieu of sick if an employee's sick leave has been exhausted.

If I need to take more vacation leave than I have accumulated, can I use sick leave?

Sick leave cannot be utilized when the vacation balance has been exhausted. Please see Human Resources for eligible sick leave uses.

Please Note:

This is a summary of some frequently asked questions. It is not intended to be all inclusive and is not contractual in nature. For specific questions, please contact Human Resources at 678. 359. 5011.