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Graphic Identity Three Logos 2020Graphic Identity Manual

Gordon State College wishes to present a consistent institutional identity to the public. To accomplish this, the College has adopted a graphic identity program that explains the use of our identifying marks, the College logo, the spirit mark and mascot.

The graphic identity manual describes the options available to you and gives guidelines for ways you may use our identifying marks.

For additional information, please contact the Marketing Department at or call 678. 359. 5259.

Graphic Identity Manual.pdf

Branding Booklet

The purpose of the Gordon State College Branding Booklet is to shape our identity through a consistent, and persistent message that conveys the College's distinct attributes to our internal and external audiences.

Branding Booklet.pdf



Circle G/Academics 

Low-Resolution Logos

The following are low-resolution versions of the Gordon logos for use in documents created in applications such as Microsoft Word and Publisher. These low-resolution logos are saved as .jpg files and are appropriate for inkjet or laser printers only. They should not be used for professionally printed materials. Furthermore, we ask that the images not be manipulated in any way. To download a logo to a location on your computer right-click the link (ctrl-click for Macs) and choose 'Save Target As...'

High-Resolution Logos

The following are print-ready, high-resolution logos that are available for use by professional printers. These high-resolution logos are available as .ai files. To view the logo options before making your selection, please refer to the Graphic Identity Manual.pdf. Then you can download your selection by choosing from the following list:


Spirit Mark/Mascot Highlander Stag

The spirit mark is a legally protected trademark, last updated in 2022.


The official college seal is a legally protected trademark, last updated in 2014.

The seal is reserved for use on official documents such as diplomas, transcripts, awards, certain institutional literature such as the academic catalog, and items produced by the Office of the President.

The Office of Marketing and/or the Office of the President must approve other uses.  

The seal should not be used for marketing or other promotional purposes.  

The seal must be reproduced from authorized original illustrations and should not be scanned, redrawn or modified in any way. Do not use parts of the seal to create other logos or artwork. The Office of Marketing will provide a digital file for approved uses.  

The seal may be printed in black, Gordon blue, white (reverse from solid background) or gold. The seal may be foil stamped (silver or gold) or embossed.  

Do not use the seal on general giveaway promotional items such as T-shirts, mugs, key chains, etc.  

The seal is a stand-alone mark of the college and may not be combined with the Gordon State logo.

For information on the use of the official Gordon State College seal, please call the Marketing office at 678.359.5259.


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