Our Commitment to Customer Service


Gordon State College is joining a system-wide effort to improve responsiveness to those it serves. This effort is in response to a request by University System of Georgia (USG) Chancellor Erroll B. Davis Jr. to provide faster, friendlier, more efficient service to the USG's "customers."

Dennis Chamberlain, Vice President for Student Affairs serves as the Gordon State College customer service champion. Gordon's plan focuses on the admissions and financial aid departments, but is not limited to those operations. "We have reviewed our procedures for billing, scheduling, and issuing refunds and have determined that by coordinating deadlines across departments we can move our processes in these areas into a more customer-focused mode rather than an institution-focused mode," said Chamberlain. "Accountability is a big part of this initiative and Gordon State College is implementing a plan with clear and measurable ways to track our progress."

If you have suggestions or concerns we would like to hear them. You can voice your opinions about how well we are meeting your expectations by emailing your comments to (customerservice@gordonstate.edu). Our goal is to serve you in a Faster, Friendlier, and Easier manner. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.