Clickers (Student Response Systems)

Clicker (aka Student Response) technology is a tool used in the classroom to enhance student learning by creating a more interactive learning environment. Clickers give instructors the ability to poll students and/or ask multiple choice questions during class. Results can then be graphed on the screen in real-time and discussed. There are many different clickers available on the market today. The Information Technology Department supports the ResponseCard RF LCD from Turning Technologies. Students can buy the ResponseCard RF clickers in our campus bookstore.

Instructor Kit

Faculty interested in using clicker technology in their classes can contact the Information Technology Department. An Instructor Kit will be provided that includes a receiver and ResponseCard allowing instructors to immediately begin using the product with the TurningPoint software.

TurningPoint Software

The software that allows you to build questions into PowerPoint lectures (TurningPoint) or poll in ANY application (TurningPoint AnyWhere) can be downloaded for free at This software is pushed out automatically to all classroom instructor PCs as well.

Product Guides

TurningPoint (for PowerPoint): Quick Start Guide (pdf) | Full User Guide (pdf)

TurningPoint AnyWhere: Quick Start Guide (pdf) | Full User Guide (pdf)

Video Tutorials

TurningPoint PC

TurningPoint AnyWhere PC

Web Registration Utility

Turning Technologies provides a free web-based registration tool that instructors can use to gather students' device ids in order to create a class roster.


ResponseCard Instructor Web Utility (User Guide)


ResponseCard Student Web Utility (User Guide)